Breastfeeding is …..

I saw part of a programme yesterday on the Home Channel of all channels.  I did not catch the beginning but I got the sense it was interviewing women who just had babies or were about to have babies.  Judging by their accents it was a New Zealand based show.  My favourite insert was when they went around to various women who had babies and asked them to finish the sentence “breastfeeding is…”

I thought I was fitting with my rant yesterday and I decided to quickly compile my own list inspired by these women.  Breastfeeding is ….

… bleeding nipples.

…. wet spots on shirts while you are out for dinner away from your baby.

…. when your breasts no longer become your property and you hand them over to baby and caregivers alike.

…. exhausting.

…. all about waking up in wet pyjama shirts.

….. smelling like slightly old milk for the majority of the day.

…. wearing very unattractive bras with strange “quick release” clips.

…. always wearing shirts with easy access to your nipples – a bit like a vegas showgirl I would imagine.

…. not feeling so concerned about flashing your boob in public now that you have a dependent suckling.

…. watching your baby suckle so hard that she looks like she is going to choke.

…. being worried your baby is not getting enough milk in as you can’t see the measuring thingy on the bottle.

…. having to listen to hours of misguided advice by women who breastfed 25 years ago, and do not realise that the information we have now is probably more than thier doctor had back then.

…. having wonderful caring friends buy you miracle healing nipple cream because you feel your nipple has been scored with a scalpel.

….. convenient so I do not have to measure formula out in the middle of the cold night.

….. wonderful as I can cuddle with my baby and provide something no one else can.

….. incredible as your new born baby is latched on to you while you are in the delivery/operating room – it really is incredible and very memorable.

….. the thing you will miss when you can’t do it anymore!

Contrary to popular belief I actually enjoy breastfeeding, it is uncomfortable and forces you to sit still while you feed when you have 10 other things you need to do.  But it is quite magical when you look down at your baby’s face and see the absolute bliss on her face while she is gorging herself …. the fact that you are losing a few calories in the bargain doesn’t hurt either!

I love this image