Drinking and Decision Making ……

We have friends who like to hike and attempt to be/get fit.

Usually these plans are concocted at about 11pm after copious amounts of wine. Suddenly everyone has a plan of how we are going to get fit and what adventure we are going to attempt next, and starts brain storming wild ideas that involve lycra and sweat.

Good sense (and experience in these matters) tell me that when I wake up the next morning, we really did not mean what we said the night before. We are quite happy to spend our days lying around and mimicing a sloth.

Recently while tucking into a particular delicious bottle of Haute Cabriére Chardonnay Pinot Noir, Joyce says: “We really need to get fit this year….”

To the chorus of “Yes, yes, yes, we must…” slurp of wine, spill a little on the table, throw some Caribbean Onion & Balsamic Vinegar Lay chips into your mouth.

“Yes, yes, we must, we must.” Lots of head nodding – even some wild gesturing was added.

Joyce says: “I have an idea – let’s do a hike.”

“Yes, yes, we must, it will be so cool..” more wine slurping, a little less spillage, a few Chuckles in mouth – some get in the mouth, some miss and roll across the table.

“Yes, we must do something about this getting fit thing.” Cheering all around.

Joyce says: “I think we should do the Whale Trail!”

“The Whale Trail – what a fabulous idea – I hear it is really pretty.” A little more wine, chips are finished, trying to dig the last Chuckles out of the red bag.

Joyce says: “We can even slack pack!”

“Slack pack!! That is my way of hiking, excellent I will have someone to carry my wine, that sounds fabulous.” Chuckles are finished.  Trying to suss out how much wine I can get out of the bottle before I need to impose on my host to offer me another bottle of this nectar of the gods.

Joyce says – a little too enthusiastically:  “ I am going to find out – who is in if we can go – come on who is in?”

Everyone is excited, and saying yes – people are putting their hands up and congratulating each other for being so keen.  There is more pouring of wine, another bottle is brought and it is all happy fellows.

Next morning we receive an email from Joyce. She has actually found out about the Whale Trail and now appears to be on a first name basis with Luleka from the Cape Nature Office.

Joyce then proceeds to book, and heckles us – mercilessly – to pay and then it just starts to get all surreal.

I put it out of my mind – a bit like the Soccer World Cup, you know it is happening, but really it is so far away that you don’t really take stock of it.

Last time (circumstances were similar) they organized the-hike-of-death affectionately called the Otter Trail. I managed to fall pregnant on the eve of departure.  I am sure it was my body’s natural defense mechanism to get out of poo’ing in a long drop. So I managed to get out of that one, and pleaded pregnancy. Listen there are few times one can play that card, and I felt that this was the time.

Unfortunately this time, I am all out of ideas – I even took a pregnancy test last Sunday, just in case – hike starts Saturday!!

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  1. I hear at least it is not a serious as the Otter.

    • reluctantmom

       /  March 4, 2010

      One can only pray – right now I am scared right down to my small shorts! I just want to survive right now!!

  2. It sounded nice when Wenchy did it but is way too much walking for me!

    I will keep the wine and chips safe while you are gone!

  3. Hi Celeste

    I am a new reader of your blog and am so with you on your topics – my critters are 8 and 5 and although I love them dearly, juggling work and them is interesting at the best of times!

    Anyhoooo, your last post had be thinking about your wine consumption to keep us sane (me included) and thought you may be interested in checking out my website – http://www.wonkywines.co.za. I am based in Somerset West and do weekly deliveries to CT. The wine is AWESOME (inlcuding Cabriere’s Chard/Pinot Noir and considerably cheaper than retail outlets. Its one of CT’s best kept secrets and guaranteed to keep an overworked, stressed out mom VERY happy! It’s also one less thing to tick off the list – we deliver to you!!! Look forward to hearing from you and keep up the entertaining posts!

    • reluctantmom

       /  March 4, 2010

      You are about to become my BFF – seen your site, love it!

      Once I get past the end-of-the-month salti-crax stage, I am so there. I realise it is only the 4th, but somehow there is just too much month at the end of my money!!

  4. Tania

     /  March 4, 2010

    enjoy.. he he he… i’ll just sit here and take my 2 purple tablets 3x a day, its working so i’ll stick with it

  5. Wenchy

     /  March 4, 2010

    We did the Whale Trail in September last year and yes.. somebody else may carry your stuff, but it was HECTIC!!!!

    • reluctantmom

       /  March 4, 2010

      I am so scared already. I am going to check if my medical aid covers an emergency airlift. We are hiking with a guy who has just come back from Everest!! How do you think I am going to compare?

      • Wenchy

         /  March 4, 2010

        It really isn’t a walk in the park… I enjoyed it very much but it is not a gentle stroll!!!

        Oh and the Noetsie sleep over hut has mice which freaked me out totally. I took a sleeping tablet. LOL

        To have the team collect you if you do not want to continue is R800 I think?


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