The weekend that was …..

We arrived back from our hike on Thursday afternoon.  As soon as I saw Isabelle I knew she was sick.  The poor lamb chop was all red and blotchy in her face and just looked exhausted.  I tried not to panic as I stumbled in the door.

Our wonderful house/child minders had done a little midnight run to Medi-Clinic’s ER the night before as Isabelle had been spiking a temperature.   I am really glad I was out of cell phone range, as I can’t imagine getting that call and not being able to do anything as I was stranded in a nature reserve with no way out.  Rachel and Blake did a wonderful job to sort out Isabelle and keep the household sane in our absence.

I realize there are a lot of moms who would tut-tut-tut me for being away from the kids, and being out of cell phone range. I did feel guilty I must confess, however Rachel is a nurse, and her and Blake are probably the most level headed people I know.  If there was a crisis, odds I would be the one running around the garden in my jammies screaming hysterically, so I am glad that sensible Blake and Rachel were here.

As a precaution I took Isabelle off to the doctor on Friday – doctor treated her for croup and gastro.  I kind of thought that once I gave her the steroids and the suppository all would be well – as well as it can be if one is placing something large into a baby’s bum I guess.  However, it was not to be.

The weekend began to be measured by minute – each one more excruciating than the last.

Isabelle cried all weekend long.  I don’t mean she cried a bit, I mean she cried  a l l   w e e k e n d.  Our house guests can attest to this no doubt. Shame for me, shame for them, double shame for poor Isabelle.

Fortunately (I realize sarcasm is the lowest form of wit ….. ) Kennith had planned to be unavailable the entire weekend, which was an exercise in driving me more over the edge.

I took the safe route and stayed house bound all weekend.  It was easier to control the kids, and probably the route less likely to end in a nervous breakdown.

On Sunday it was pretty rough, and I must confess that the bigger two were really good.  They played outside in the dirt – I would love to say on our lush grass, but I would be lying.

At one point Georgia came up to me and asked if she could come inside to shower.  She was covered in black mud from head to foot, with a huge green booger hanging out of her nose and resting on her top lip with a mucus cord connecting it to the other bits still in her nose.  It’s these precious moment that remind us why we chose to become moms!

The weekend ended with me being awoken by  Isabelle at about 1/2am on Monday morning.  I went through to check on her and found her lying there with a temperature of 39 degrees and just looked terrible – poor cherub.  I gave her a suppository – and then sat on the rocking chair with her hoping she would cool down.

By 3am we ended up in a tepid bath trying to get her temperature down.

Isabelle is such a little trooper – there she was sick as a dog, and splashing about in the bath with her two tooth smile.  The balance of the morning she spent lying on my chest as I tried to sooth her.  (I might have needed some soothing then, a baby on your chest in the middle of the morning can be very soothing even to the most jaded soul.)

I did what all working moms hate to do on a Monday morning and phone in to say I won’t be in as I have a sick baba.  Bless them, they were so understanding.  I took sick baba to the doctor – again – to discover she has a raging middle ear infection.

So baba got through the rest of the day with antibiotics, more suppositories, some throwing up, and some sleeping with lots of crying thrown in – I may have had a bit of a sob too.

Fortunately – and I say this with my eyes looking towards the heavens – I have Pepe!!!  I am truly blessed.   Pepe looked after Isabelle for a bit, so I could get some sleep as I was so exhausted from this weekend and the interrupted night last night.

This evening was more suppositories, more antibiotics, some nasal spray and hopefully a little baba who sleeps through the night.

And a very tired mom who gets some sleep too.

<Kennith was a super star, he fetched the kids from school for me, and made dinner – and he found an unopened bottle of wine! Bless.>