I will not be bridezilla …

Still saying the daily mantra – I will not be bridezilla, I will not be bridezilla.

So we went down to mangy brewery on the weekend, as we were out along the East Coast and it was not that far away from where we were.  We decided to go and have a look just so we could tick it off the list as being a very bad idea.

Surprisingly not as bad an idea as I had thought.  We can hire out the venue and they were very accommodating and said yes to pretty much everything we asked for, which also raises some concerns, but no doubt that is another issue.

Once we started looking around and took all the pub-people out – with my mind powers of course – it definitely had promise.  Listen after 2 – 3 glasses of wine anything can start to look promising.

We are pretty much guaranteed rain, hail, sleet and howling wind on the 17 July, so any chance of anything outside is going to be a far off dream.  They have a great outdoor ampitheatre that looks out over the valley and will be stunning on a good weather day – but we need to be realistic and realize that we are probably going to have our ceremony inside propped up against the bar if mother-nature has anything to do with it.

Fortunately the venue has these great medieval looking (circa 1995) black chandeliers which we can put great big candles on and two huge fireplaces.

So we are going to light the place up like Guy Fawkes day and have a really warm snug thing going on, as we battle to drink our wine against the elements.

If the weather is good, that is great, and it will change the dynamics slightly as we will be able to pull open all the fold away doors and have it spilling out onto the outside grass area, but we need to plan for bad weather and then be surprised if it is anything but.

I spoke to a guy this morning, and I actually heard him catch his breath when I said that we are planning a wedding in Cape Town in July …. you know when you get a sneaky sensation that you are doing something that is against your better judgement and the weather report, but you go along and do it anyway?

This may well be one of those moments ……