The lament of the school-going-child’s mother …….

Connor amazes me.  I am not sure whether he is the thing, or it is the age he is at, or whether he is a boy and thus this sort of thing is normal.  Or a combination of environmental factors.

Last year I bought six pairs of school shoes for Connor.  Even rudimentary mathematics that tells you that with only 10 school going months in the year – that is really an unacceptable amount of school shoes for one child to work their way through.

It was not so much that he grew out of them, because he is growing like he is on steroids and growth hormones.  It is that he gives his shoes such a hammering, that after three weeks it is time to resign the shoes to the dustbin.  The soles are destroyed or the front of the shoe has been worn away so badly that I can see his socks.

I did not have a very organized December/January, with the result that when school started I sent Connor off to school in his last year’s clothes and shoes without doing any Xmas Bonus school clothes shopping (I spent it all on the stationery I had to purchase.)

His feet had however grown and he complained that they were too small.  The shoes looked like utter crap, but he did not complain about them aesthetically.  But when your child complains that his feet are getting sore in his shoes, then it is time to pull out the credit card and not worry too much about how you will be buying wine this month.

Kennith bought him a pair or new bright and shiny white takkies from a reputable shoe manufacturer (I want to add that just so there is an understanding that he is not wearing R19.99 specials – these are dinkum hardcore shoes).

Fast forward two weeks, Kennith sees the takkies and realizes these shoes have maybe a month in them if we are lucky, as this pair is pretty much annihilated.  The only way they are going to see a future is to send Connor to school barefoot for at least three days  of each week.

Connor is in a school that encourages kids to come bare feet, except on Friday when it is “saal-day.”  We really must get our kids into private schools ….

When I pose the age old question “what the hell do you do with your shoes at school?”

Connor answers: “I run … a lot!”

As if that totally explains and justifies mom having to cut back on wine purchase to keep the boy in shoes.

On the weekend we stopped and purchase 6 large water bottles for the kids to use for school.  I really do not want to shock you with how many bottles I purchase and the fact that the part where you suck the water out gets eaten, which means they spill water or juice all over the school bag, which becomes my problem when I discover this at 10pm at night.

So we buy 6 bottles.  First day.  Connor loses one.

I am not sure we can afford to keep Connor in school at this rate!

Rise up, you can walk ….

Last week when Pepe abandoned me and I started to worry a bit about my sanity in all things kids related.

I spent two days with Isabelle at work, and carried her around a lot of the time. I think the stress and the extra +9 kilograms that I carted around on my left hip, threw my back out.

Well my shoulder actually, which made my neck hurt, which made me tilt my head to the side, which made me walk funny and then my back hurt. It really is a play on that old song of “leg bone connected to the knee bone…”

I woke up on Friday morning with a burning pain in my shoulder blade, which progressed to make me lean my head skew and walk like the Hunchback of Notre Dame for the day. It did not get much better over the weekend and the only high point was when Kennith’s mom said she would buy me a dishwasher as a wedding present.

I was immediately cured of all my symptoms – if only for a few minutes.

This morning I still felt sore and gave my good old chiropractor a call – I love Dr Mark.

So there I was lying on his table, and he was prodding me. It is funny how he does not go near my left shoulder blade where all the pain is sitting, but prefers to mince around behind the back of my right leg and in the temple area of my head. Clearly biology was a bit sketchy for me, but I will leave the details to Dr. Mark.

All very strange, but like Lazarus I could stand up and walk and leave his office with an almost hop in my step.

He suggested a good night sleep and that I will feel much better tomorrow. I am already salivating at the thought of sleep – hhhmmmmmm.

He is a “click your spine” chiropractor guy, but does not do it often. He seems to use pressure points and sort of stands there with his fingers like hot pokers on my tender regions while he asks me to breath deeply and look down – all this whilst my eyes are closed.

Any doctor that lets me lie down in peace for 5 minutes in the middle of the day gets my vote, I am too fussed what he is doing. The amazing thing is he finds my tender regions without me even knowing they were my regions or tender.

I don’t know how he does it, I have no idea what he does, but he manages to relieve so much pain in a fairly no-fuss manner. So I am putting that claim through my medical aid, and off to make my cup of tea while I wait for the hours until bed time.