Shower Humour ….

I figured I was on a bit of a roll here … last night I am in the shower with Georgia … yes Georgia seems to be featuring quite big right now in terms of “kids say the darndest things…” so there we are in the shower.

Georgia leans forward, pulls my pubic hair and says “Why do you have hair on your bum?”

I am not sure which I feel more bad about … that my talks about body awareness and the like is paying off so well …. or that I look the same from the front and the back ….


Toilet Humour ….

This morning the roles will a little reversed and Kennith is no doubt going to be really annoyed I posted this one and insist I remove it before the end of the day.

Georgia (as always) is in the bathroom and waiting for Kennith to finish on the toilet so she can go – she has taken a real shine to using our bathroom in the morning, and comes through every morning announcing she “needs the toilet.”

I am lying in bed praying for more sleep, but listening to this exchange coming from the en-suite bathroom.

Georgia is standing there while Kennith is standing at the toilet doing what boys do in the morning – and says in her high pitched girly voice “Daddy, you have a long winkie…”

I can hear Kennith smiling and he goes “Yes baby, I have an outside winkie and you have an inside winkie” so there is a few moments of silence and then Georgia goes

…”it’s not that big…”

I also needed to go to the toilet then … ha ha … you are right it is really funny when it happens to other people.