Georgia’s Birth …

I was going through some of our photo records, and I started looking at the birth photos of the kids,  and really they are pretty unusual.

I thought I would post them over here … this is Georgia’s birth at Cape Town Medi-Clinic 20 June 2005.

This is the first cut …  (which I believe is the deepest …)

So once the cut is done, they reach in and get her head free – note how skew her nose is – she was so cramped in the uterus …. so here they are suctioning her while they keep her body warm …

and then they yank her out …. much to her displeasure …

They flash her to the camera … she is not quite in the mood for smiling … what with her vernix hanging out and all ..

Doctor is now ready to separate mommy and baby …

She gets taken over the paed and they all check her out …

Strangely enough, she is still less than pleased …

Baby is given to mom … mom has had a rough day, and mom thought the baby would have testicles, so was a little surprised to say the least …

So while I am coming to terms with vagina versus penis issues, the good folks are doing a mighty fine job stitching the cookie bits with the cookie bits, and the chocolate bits with the chocolate bits …

So while the pearl-and-plain brigade are busy, they put baby on my chest – really nice folks these guys at Cape Town Medi-Clinic.

The hospital was brilliant  – it was quite late, so I was the only patient in post-op, they left Georgia with me and let her breastfeed in post-op, what a great experience.

This being born this is just exhausting, Georgia fallen asleep while breastfeeding …

The truth be told, she was not Georgia for at least another two hours.  I was so convinced I was having a boy, I had settled on Callum or Caleb, and not really factored girl’s names into the equation.

Georgia was nameless for several hours following birth.  I really could not have been more surprised had they me a giraffe, but there were are.

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  1. Tania

     /  May 26, 2010

    Caleb or Callum were our choice too if Emily turned out to be a boy. All great names! 🙂

  2. Oh I have great pictures of all two the births. Thanks for these – I love to see them. (I am in no way squeamish about any blood and gore.)

    • reluctantmom

       /  May 25, 2010

      I normally am a bit squeamish, but I find birth images so incredible, that I can’t pull myself away from them …. it really is THAT moment where you become a mom and that baby becomes a person outside in the world, coping for the first time.

  3. Hilary

     /  May 25, 2010

    Ok, not even finished with coffee yet!! Definately not prepared for these so early. I know I’m a mum but look up squeamish and you’ll see what I look like. Good grief. Deep breath, ok, now I can look again.

    Btw, love the names Georgia. If I have a girl then I’m stealing it.

    • reluctantmom

       /  May 25, 2010

      Clearly Callum and Caleb were not going to do – and I was so very sure it was a boy – all my mother instincts told me so. We had had the scan at 12 weeks and the doctor knew, but I did not want to know, so Kennith knew, but the agreement he could not tell a soul, and he didn’t.

      He even stood there as I bought a blue and green light for the baby’s room. We did not have one pink anything – only yellow and green things. So the next morning bright and early Kennith had to go out and buy something pink and fluffy and then it all started!!

      I also love the name Georgia – she calls herself Georgia Egg now – I have no idea why – strange girl!!

  4. Wow! Great photo record of the event!
    She must have been a big surprise!
    The most special of all time! The birth of a baby. I am drying a tear… 😀

    • reluctantmom

       /  May 25, 2010

      It is really special – we had photos done at all three births, and I am so pleased I had them – I look through them now, and I just think wow … sure I throw up a little, but I also think wow!! What a moment – it really is all those clichéd things right there isn’t it.


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