Mind your language …

I’m sitting trying to ignore the kids as I spend a few moments on a forum I have fallen behind on.  My form of therapy and quiet time.

Kennith has fed the kids – chocolate spread on toast – we are nothing if parents who feed their kids a balanced meal on a Sunday night.  Kennith decides to have 10 minutes to himself on the throne, bigger kids are eating, smaller kid is crawling over me depositing mucus in my hair and on my shirt.

Georgia is sitting at the kitchen table saying “daddy can you bring me a serviette..” I decide to ignore her as I figure she will realize dad is not coming, then get off her chair take the two steps and get a serviette for herself.

Georgia has a habit of repeating herself to exhaustion if someone does not answer her.

This was one of those times, so she keeps going

“daddy can you bring me a serviette..”

“daddy can you bring me a serviette..”

“daddy can you bring me a serviette..”

“daddy can you bring me a serviette..”

“daddy can you bring me a serviette..”

Her voice never changes pitch, she keeps it quite neutral, and it is just the repetition.

At about the point where I have heard it enough, I scream up the passage “Georgia, what do you want?” – knowing full well what she wants.

So she answers “Can daddy bring me a serviette.?”

I scream back: “Get off the chair, and get yourself a freak’n serviette.”

Georgia: “Okay…”

Me, carrying on typing on my forum, thinking I have solved all the household problems without moving from my chair.

Georgia: “Mommy….”

Me: “Yes Georgia…”

Georgia: “There are no more freak’n serviettes …..”

About three moments later, totally out of the quiet of the kitchen …


Me: “Yes Georgia ….”

Georgia: “ Stop saying freak’n serviettes……”

Have I pointed out that Georgia is five?