Spur people … people with a taste for life ….

I am really not a Spur-Party person there is just something about it I find a little cheap-and-well-not-so-cheerful for kids parties – I don’t know why, I just do.  I like to plan extravaganzas.  I have made a silent pact with myself to never have a Spur party for my kids as long as I can avoid it.

This year I planned a great Princess Party for Georgia’s fifth.  I booked a great venue and pretty much had it all planned.  I just had to do the invites and the small details.

Georgia then piped up that she wanted a Spur party.

Some times it does help to just ignore the wishes of your child and continue on your merry way.  However Georgia is not one of those people who you can just ignore and act like they never said anything.  She is the insistent memory-like-an-elephant variety.

I tried to explain that we can go to the Spur ANY TIME – and really we do – at least once a week – the party I have planned included a castle, go karts and ponies and so many cool things.  But Georgia was not interested and insisted that a Spur party was the answer.

I thought okay,  maybe I can sell it up a bit and have all the kids dressed as cowboys and Indians – at least then I could use the excuse as to why the Spur seemed a good venue, but it was not to be.  She still insisted she wear her fairy outfit – so there I was stuck with a Spur party on my horizon.

We scouted out a few Spurs to find one with a good play area, and then booked it.

All things being equal, they are really well organized and just seem keen to help.  Spur throws in a cake at no charge, they have face painting and the kids get much more to eat that they need.  You actually do not need to do anything – you do not even need to do a party pack – they give a cup that the kids take with them filled with sweets, so it is the easiest party I have ever planned in my life.

So there we were on Saturday celebrating Georgia’s party at the Spur – I have never seen her as excited about any of her parties as she was about that damn Spur party.  She spoke about it for about three weeks before, and on the day was so excited it was really very sweet to watch.

What I liked most, was when the moms were all sitting around the spur table, the kids were running around and I ordered a bottle of wine – initially they were all sipping their coffee and reluctant to partake, but it only takes one to say “yes, I will have a little …. and then off we go.”

Life’s rule # 56 – you really should not have to attend a child’s party unless there is wine on offer – or some form of alcohol.

The party was really easy, we had about 8 kids there – which was a damn side easier than the normal 25 I drag along.  They had a good time, then after it all, everyone stood up, said goodbye, I did not have to clean up anything, and we decided to sit down for lunch – yes, still at the Spur!!

So I take back all the things I have said about the Spur, and think that if Isabelle is not careful she might be getting a Spur party in the next three to four years.

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  1. Yasaman Samadi

     /  October 12, 2016

    Hi, which spur did you decide on? My little one is also keen on a spur party but I’d like to book 1 with a good play area. Any thoughts? Thank you! Ps. I’m based in rondebosch, Cape Town

  2. zama

     /  June 24, 2010

    I am also doing a spur party this August for my daughter. I also wanted a fairytale one but reality is hard, and the truth is I can afford the spur one and there is no cleaning up after wards so I am definitely going that root. and like you I have already found the perfect one for my daughter with a huge play area, I hope all goes well for us.

    • reluctantmom

       /  June 24, 2010

      The Spur party really worked out well – the girls wore Fairy dresses and had a ball – it seriously was one of the easiest parties I have ever planned or thrown – the kids really enjoyed it, so I take back nearly all the bad things I have said about the Spur in the past!! Hell I might have a few more.

  3. Hilary

     /  June 23, 2010

    Good to know. Please give more info about arrangements re food etc. Do you pay for parents’ meals or just drinks or what?

    • reluctantmom

       /  June 23, 2010

      There is usually one parent who hangs around per child, so we covered drinks, and then just bought two plates of snacky type things and that was that. It really was a very easy birthday party.

  4. A kiddies party needs some wine and beer – of that I am convinced. Have never done a Spur party but the princess keeps begging.

  5. I agree with Laura. i like Spur parties because it sorted and no work for me 🙂

  6. I love a Spur party – purely because its all sorted and always a winner! Seriously my son has asked for one 3 years running now – its great!

    And the wine on tap in copious amounts is a HUGE plus!

    • reluctantmom

       /  June 21, 2010

      Listen, I am so converted at the moment!! I feel I have stumbled on the Aladdin’s Cave of easy parties!!!


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