Hanging with my zimmer frame …

So there I am doing web stuff as you do, and I notice an advert on the right hand side with a sweet older lady smiling.

I am desperately looking for someone to bake cupcakes for my wedding so I perked up and took notice, as maybe this old dame might bake, she looks sort of happy and smiley like baking people do.

On closer inspection I realised it was a dating website – a dating website geared towards S E N I O R  C I T I Z E N S.

But the tag line is “Meet single south african men and women over forty … we have thousands of S E N I O R single members for you to meet…”

I am thirty eight – that means in less than two year I am going to eligible to join this old lady and hang out waiting for senior citizens to “poke” me!!

What is my world coming to – first chin hair now this …. the only decision now is whether to kiss Kennith at the wedding with my teeth in or out ….

Marrying a Yeti …

Kennith is embarrassed that I am telling people that I am hairy like a Yeti.  He really thinks that sort of information should be kept more private.

He is probably right.

I really wish he did not refer to me as a Yeti, as now I feel even more embarrassed about my hair issue!