Hanging with my zimmer frame …

So there I am doing web stuff as you do, and I notice an advert on the right hand side with a sweet older lady smiling.

I am desperately looking for someone to bake cupcakes for my wedding so I perked up and took notice, as maybe this old dame might bake, she looks sort of happy and smiley like baking people do.

On closer inspection I realised it was a dating website – a dating website geared towards S E N I O R  C I T I Z E N S.

But the tag line is “Meet single south african men and women over forty … we have thousands of S E N I O R single members for you to meet…”

I am thirty eight – that means in less than two year I am going to eligible to join this old lady and hang out waiting for senior citizens to “poke” me!!

What is my world coming to – first chin hair now this …. the only decision now is whether to kiss Kennith at the wedding with my teeth in or out ….

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  1. Hey Reluctant Mom!
    I wish I could help… perhaps try http://angelcakes.co.za/? If its not too late that is…?

  2. Oh freak! Clearly I am elderly now. Lucky I have my man, who is not yet elderly, but clearly that is besides the point.

  3. That ad makes 40 look like the new 60. I think they should fire the creative director.

  4. reluctantmom

     /  June 29, 2010

    Clearly posting my problems linked to a senior citizens dating site has worked like a charm – I now have several people to contact for cupcakes and the like – of course now I feel wracked to make a decision, but thank you all for the great tips.

    I am going to sort this out Wednesday/Thursday and plan to have this in the bag by Friday so I can tick that off my list – thank you so much!!!

    Whoop – whoop!!!!

  5. I am Shayne’s sister and can help with baking cupcakes. Yell if you would like to chat.

    • reluctantmom

       /  June 29, 2010

      Shayne sent me your details, I am going to try to call you tomorrow – I also have your email so will drop you a “wish list” and if I can call you tomorrow or on Thursday.

      I know tomorrow is going to be chaos at work!!!

  6. Oh, here’s a link to her cupcake blog so you can see examples:


    • reluctantmom

       /  June 29, 2010

      Cupcake Lady is limited to Gauteng …. damn those Gautengers!!!!! But doesn’t her site look brilliant – thank you for the referral, I really would love to use her, but sadly geography appears to be playing a factor.

  7. Why don’t you try Angel? She now does cupcakes as a career…not sure what she asks though, but her cupcakes are AWESOME!


    Mail me directly if you want her telephone number for a quote.

  8. At least stop at Woolies rather than Pick n Pay, I think it will lend more elegancy to the whole fairy tale, especially with you being almost a senior citizen…. 🙂

    Really hope you come right with the cakes!

  9. Oh my word LOL…how awful…since when is 40 classed as Senior! Such Rubbish!

  10. How many are you looking at? And what are you wanting? Mail me – i may have someone who can help you at a lot less than R3000! shaynesch@absamail.co.za

  11. Pity I’m not in CT – baking cupcakes for weddings is what i do!

    I think keep your teeth in 🙂

    • reluctantmom

       /  June 28, 2010

      I am so desperate now … I might grab something from Pick ‘n Pay en-route. A place quoted me +R3 000.00 for just the cake – I did poop a little, but tried to act natural!!!


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