Barbie has her head ripped off ….

While sitting here minding my own business, Georgia is presenting me with drawings of Barbie the Mermaid with her head pulled/ripped off by an octopus.

I am not sure whether to encourage her to continue with the maiming of Barbie, or explain that she really should draw nicer renderings of Barbie.

She left the room and then returned to tell me that she is going to draw “an octupus smacking Barbie’s head off…”

I know when I have a rough day at work, I come home and drink more wine than I should.

Maybe this is the way Georgia works out her playschool frustrations … I’m okay with it …. I might treat to her to an extra ice-cream when we go to the Spur later.

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  1. My son did this last year – drew a full on WAR scene. His teacher pointed it out to me (and anyone in earshot) at EVERY single parents evening!

    There was blood squirting about, bullets, knives, fighter jets!

    I simply said that I think his ability to draw so well and with so much detail was really commendable for a 7 year old!

    (She lit many candles for me last year)

    • reluctantmom

       /  July 6, 2010

      (She lit many candles for me last year) – Ha ha ha – that made me laugh ….

  2. Poor Barbie! Love your perception on it 😀

  3. Tammy

     /  July 4, 2010

    Honestly, I’m glad someone has the sense to rip Barbie’s head off. I would love it if someone could force feed her too. Smart kid you’re raising.

    Just had a massive catch up on your blog – hoping the new week brings clearer heads and less anxiety. Think of your wedding like the births of your children – one day to mark the start of something new. Only with better clothing.

  4. Poor Barbie! But what creativity from your daughter! She’s not afraid to think outside of the box. I like that…. Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog. Sorry to leave you hanging. I just updated it. I have read some of your story and find your honesty refreshing and terrifying at the same time. Your story represents some of my own fears about motherhood. Not being there yet, I can’t really say much that isn’t speculation, but I am hoping to struggle through the transition to parenthood and find some way to hold onto myself in the process. I have lots of experience in losing myself (my first marriage) so I hope I can figure things out before I’m too far gone. But your story shows that it will be an up and down, day-by-day struggle and that is a good reality check for me to help me not get my hopes up about the purely blissful days of motherhood that are ahead. Thanks for your honesty. I’ll keep reading!

    • reluctantmom

       /  July 4, 2010

      I am glad you stopped by and will go and look at your updates soon – I clearly can’t relate to the struggles that IF’s go through. I found some blogs that were so painful and so traumatic that it really just made me cry. I would never deem to offer platitudes, I think all you can do is read thier stories and have empathy for thier pain and realise that not everyone decides to have a baby, gets pregnant and is presented with one. It is funny how “blind” one is to an entire process until you really “see.”

      I have my own struggles through my journey in motherhood and for me they were epic …. but again it comes to context and what you are comparing it to.

  5. Maybe it is some way for her to let out her frustrations and that if you feel comfortable with what she is drawing, then there’s nothing to worry about.


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