Pretty girl ….

The kids are away at my mom for a few days.

Us taking advantage of the last week of the school holidays to ship them to the sea-side, and my mom developing a facial tick from stress … don’t we love a five week flipp’n school holiday smack bang in the middle of the school year.

At least the kids get to run around and go beserk and play outside, I get exhausted dirty kids back  – it is a win-win situation all around.

I called my mom to see how they are doing, and after speaking to her got to speak to Georgia as she is sitting nearby.   I asked her what she she did with herself today.

She answered: “Being beautiful…”

Sometimes it is a full time job and can take all day … I think we under-esimate that sometimes.

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  1. Oh she is beautiful – and so good at it.

  2. Vashnie

     /  July 10, 2010

    She’s gorgeous.

  3. Precious. It’s hard work Mommy.

  4. Cute girl you have 🙂

  5. Kennith

     /  July 9, 2010

    She is really good at it…however this will be a problem for me when she is older

  6. And what a pretty girl she is!


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