You like me … you really really like me ….

I was given a “versatile blogger” award from Tammy who blogs on Motherhood and Madness in the Midlands.

Thanks Tammy, it is always nice to be recognized for the work I do to avoid the work I get paid to do.

I like the idea of being “recognized” – I would prefer it if it came with a voucher for a full body massage, a cup of tea, and an afternoon lie down, but I will take what I can get – beggars and choosers and all that.

I do feel though that these “pass it on” blog awards have a slight feeling of a pyramid scheme to them.

The passing on and having to name a certain amount of other blogs, sometimes does not always sit well with me.

But let me not digress and spoil the happiness of the moment for receiving something square and green (which I have pimped up a bit if you are thinking that this looks a little different to others that you might have seen – I only pimped it a tiny bit).

As with all things in life, there are a few easy to follow rules when accepting the award.

Thank the blogger that sent it your way.

Share seven mildly interesting things about yourself.

And plug a few new blogs you have recently discovered – ten actually.

So, I have acknowledged Tammy for finding me.

Now here are seven mildly interesting things about me :-

One | I am a few days away from moving from being single to being married – which scares the living crapoids out of me.  I still have no idea whether I will keep my surname, or take Kennith’s … the suspense is killing me too.

Two | I like peanut butter on white toast – with Oxo/Fray Bentos on top of it.  Looks like 5 day old puke, but tastes pretty good to me.

Three | Kennith bought me a bright pink jar of Erex for Women to try, ideally to get me in some sort of mood for the honeymoon.  The problem is the pills are about the size of suppositories.  To swallow them each day I have to fight my gag reflex for about 10 minutes.  I am not sure exactly what he is preparing me for that will be happening on our honeymoon, but any the way.

Four | While typing this list I just received a reminder SMS from Weight Watchers – clearly that was a bit like a voice from above – encouraging me to come and join them again.  Yes, I do need to get back on that rather pale and skinny pony again.

Five | I have a large dark birthmark on the left hand side of my torso – looks a bit like a squashed Australia.  A small pale one on my back, and a small pale one on my knee.  Connor is my only child who also has a birthmark.  He has a very light birthmark on his shoulder, which I think is a very sweet connection between us.  (it would have also got me burnt at a stake as a witch in the 16th century, so I am pretty thrilled to be born in 1972)

Six | Sometimes my depression gets so bad, I have to play act through the day to appear “normal” – which is really exhausting, but has allowed me the skill of faking interest and normalcy.

Seven | The character in a television show that I most identify with is Dexter – he is a serial murderer with some serious dark issues.  This sort of brings up a whole lot of concerns that in all of tv-land, this is the person I feel the most similar to.

And last, but by no means least, here are some blogs that I’ve recently discovered and found deserving of this award (or just-the-pass-it-forward-and-make-you-aware-of-clever-witty-bloggers-out-in-cyber-space).

I read blogs that interest me and make me sit up and go “okay, that is interesting.” It may not always be about a subject that is relevant to me, but it is always a blogger who touches a chord within me.

I find these blogs and their writers particularly interesting, it is often their candor and their honesty that appeals to me.

In no particular order:-

I also did not want to force a list of ten, when I have only read seven new blogs in the last two months – it just did not feel right to just pad it so I had a list of ten.

Good things do happen to good people ….

The strange things about blogging and belonging to forums, is that it introduces you to a world of people you may not have had the good fortune to meet through any other route.

Through the powers of words, you start to connect with others.  You start to recognise soul-connections in other people – for what ever reason.  They might live down the road or on the other side of the world, it really does not matter.

It is something about them that resonates with you, and you feel a connection to them and their world.

A while ago I  had the good fortunate to befriend Lisa-Marie through blogging and we have remained in touch via a host of routes.

You know when you meet a “nice” person.   Someone who is truly just a good person, but is being faced with all the hurt and the pain that is the “I want a child, but for what ever reason we cannot have one.”

And how your heart just dies a little for them each time they take a knock.

Lisa and her partner Travers are those people.

The great thing about Lisa is that she is not one of those shiny-happy-nice (slightly annoying) people.   She is a nice people who still screams and rants and swears at the thunder, and sometimes just wants to throw it all away to go and travel and discover new countries and say “just fek it all”.

A while ago they made the difficult decision (and it is hard) to look at adoption as another possible route on their journey.   No doubt what ever they had gone through and maybe some of their experiences had led them to this as an option.

It is a difficult decision, no matter who you are or what your background, to decide that maybe the path you have walked for so long, is maybe not the path that is going to get you to your destination.

You scream and cry at the unfairness of it all.  Curse all who can be cursed, that what you have done and sacrificed for so long is just not working.  And you then decide to change course on your ship to motherhood, which must come with it’s own share of pain and heart-ache.

I was thrilled that Lisa had ventured into this as an option.  But I ached for her, and was worried that maybe a new waiting game was going to begin – maybe she will be faced with further hardships on this new path.

But sometimes life … not often … life is not a sack of shite, and sometimes, just sometimes, it allows the good stuff to rain on the good people.

Last week Lisa and Travers got the call and today …. today …. today their beautiful Isabella Helen is being born and they get to meet their daughter for the first time.

You know when you get to cry for happiness for someone else … someone who you have never met … but you feel you are connected in so many ways?

Today is that day  …. yay a thousand times over for Lisa and Travers who get to become parents  T O D A Y !!