Stuff that made me laugh today …

I work with this wonderful guy who spends much of his free time doing charitable deeds, primarily aimed at homeless people.  Arthur is just one of those good guys who would give you the shirt off their backs, even if you did not ask, and even if salmon was not your colour.

So he is telling me that he is going to be taking half a day’s leave on Friday. (I actually have people that report to me – I know it is hysterical!)

Arthur is explaining that they are going to taking this group of homeless people camping this weekend, and he starts telling me all about it.

I sort of sat there and listened.  I could feel the little mouse on the treadmill in my head starting to pick up speed as my thoughts started to drift a bit.

Then I looked at Arthur and said: “But Arthur, surely homeless people are sort of camping all the time.  Taking them away for a weekend to camp, is probably not a break for them.  Maybe a nice B&B would be more suitable as a get away for them?

He did agree that it was a bit funny.  I of course sniggered about it for the rest of the day.

Clearly I will be punished for laughing at the good deeds of others.

To add to the joy that does not stop giving.

I went and visited my OBGYN today and got the fun end of a pap smear.   It is amazing how they always tell you to relax – of course you can when you are being stainless steel humped by something in the loose shape of a duck’s bill, and no one has even bothered to say you have nice eyes or buy you a glass of wine.

He was also good enough to let me have a breast exam.  That one caught me by surprise.  Thought he was going to listen to my heart beat … again – clearly not.  Coupled with that he had a little feel around my cervix.

He actually asked me to cough ….  I really started to think that all of this was going on while I was prattling on as if we were casually sitting down drinking a cup of tea.

How strange that we lie there in our nothing, and act like this is all quite normal behavior while someone goes over you with a latex glove and a tube of KY.

Can’t say I was laughing so much, but there we go.