Stuff that made me wonder …

I often look at how people arrive on my blog – I like stats of how the site works … simple stuff, not higher grade maths for me.  I am more in the 2 + 2 equals 4 sort of school of thought.

Check out the last search that someone did to arrive on my blog.

How the hell did that happen – more importantly why would a son be searching for his mommy not wearing knickers?

Shame, he must have been devastated to find my blog … and me with my Mr Price panties on and all … reminds me of when I found a Spiderman double duvet set for sale on gumtree …

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  1. I sometimes wonder how this search engines work – how do they put together word phrases to find one’s site

  2. Ha-ha-ha! Very funny!

  3. Oedipus complex it seems. That is too funny and incredibly weird.


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