Maybe not HG Science class just yet ….

I am chatting to Connor about the fact that they have squirrels at their school, and whether kids feed them and so on.

Connor comments on the fact that sometimes the kids do, and sometimes the squirrels bite the kids – not tear off their faces, but nip them on the fingers, these are really cute squirrels, who can clearly spot a free lunch.

I thought this was a good time to reinforce the general knowledge he has picked up from Discovery and the books we read.

So feeling awfully smug that I have a bright boy, I go:

“Connor, what disease do squirrels carry, that you could pick up from them if they bite you?”

Connor: “errrr, the plague…”

Me:  “Probably not, more like rabies … who discovered a vaccine for rabies?”

Connor: “errrr, Dr Seuz ….”

Me: “Not so much …….try Dr. Louis Pasteur…”

<sigh> I won’t be mailing that application letter to MENSA quite yet it would seem.