Your email address has just won you £1 Million British Pounds Sterling

Fabulous it seems I am a 1 million pound lottery winner.

I know, I can barely believe it too.  I thought I would get this quick post in, as no doubt I am going to get really busy after I start cashing in on my good fortune

I just have to fill in this quick form, bank account details and the like, and then tah-dah, I am set.  Won’t take me but a moment.

I also have to answer another email from my good friend Mr David Mark.

David, it appears, is the Auditor for the Bank of the North International, Abuja – he is having a little problem too that only I, his new friend can assist with.

All I have to do is give him my bank account details, and I will be rewarded with a percentage of the 12 million US $ that he is having a little problem getting out of the country – it seems easy enough.

Listen he sounds helluva honest.  He has already referred to me as his friend on several occasions – sure he has spelled friend incorrectly twice in the letter, but no doubt David is busy, and he has other things to concern himself with.

So that is what I have planned for my evening, I will let you know how it pans out.

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  1. pam

     /  August 27, 2010

    real or scam ?

    • reluctantmom

       /  August 28, 2010

      Pam – I am not sure how you do not realise that this is nott a scam, which part made you actually think it might be real.

      • reluctantmom

         /  August 28, 2010

        Pam if you like the post, then you really will love this one:

        From: grace susan []
        Sent: 26 August 2010 10:14 PM
        To: undisclosed recipients:
        Subject: Partnership Investment Proposal

        Attn: Managing Director

        My name is Mrs. Noura Ricardo, a financial consultant base in United Kingdom. I am the financial Instructor to late Mr. Rafic Baha El Deen Al-Hariri a self-made billionaire and business tycoon, was the Prime Minister of Lebanon from 1992 to 1998 and again from 2000 until his resignation, 20 October 2004. He headed five cabinets during his tenure. Hariri dominated the country’s post-war political and business life and is widely credited with reconstructing Beirut after the 15-year civil war. I guess you may know him.

        I am writing this mail to you because I have an obscured business suggestion for you, which I guess, will be of good advantage for both of us in future.

        To brief you with the proposal, I want to know if you can assist me in investing the money valued US$26.2M left behind by my late client who was assassinated on 14 February, 2005 (aged 60) in Beirut, Lebanon. Before his death he introduced me to one of his personal adviser who is also a Lebanese whom both of them went together during the time they brought the money into the country where it is currently lodged for investment.

        I will update you with further information as soon as I receive a response from you confirming your willingness for a partnership investment with the money in your current business. Please bear in mind that this is a highly confidential transaction between two of us. Contact me with my private details below:

        Yours truly,

        Mrs. Noura Ricardo & Associates
        202 Paternoster Square London, EC4M 7LS
        Tel: +44 7924078016

        Pleas feel free to contact Noura, mention my name, no doubt it will assist in negotiation – good luck with that.

  2. Kiki

     /  August 4, 2010

    Ha ha ha ha I love these emails!
    However if these emails happen to pan out once you have sent them your banking details, I am your best friend (insert smiley face with a wink)

  3. Vashnie

     /  August 3, 2010

    Oh yes i have ‘won’ the lottery twice and also had emails from ‘friends’ that need my help getting their inheritances.

  4. LOL! Yeah you get them!

    • pam

       /  August 27, 2010

      So is this real or a scam ?

      • reluctantmom

         /  August 28, 2010

        Still a scam – listen if this interests you, then I must tell you about a guy in Nigeria who is trying to get money out, but all you have to do is furnish your bank account details …. really, it seems quite legit!!!!


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