Medical wonders ….

Georgia is a medical aid’s dream. She is just never sick, we really never claim for her.  She is just a name on our medical aid card.

This weekend she was feeling very grim.  She had a fever, and lost her voice – it was replaced by the Marlboro man’s voice.  Very sexy for a 5 year old girl.

We kept her off school today even though, to be honest, if we were desperate we would have sent her.   One of the benefits of a full time maid – bless.  If my kids even look a little off colour, I just leave them home for a day lying on the couch,  with BBC’s on television,  and they are miraculously cured of any and all afflictions.

Because she is never sick and she had already had a few days of a temperature – I thought odds are it is something that is going to need antibiotics.  If she had not cured herself by now, odds are it will need external influence – made a doctor’s appointment this afternoon for her.

I was truly shocked that I got a doctor’s appointment on such short notice – so many miracles in one day, goodness me.

Georgia was so excited – it was her first time at a doctor’s office.  No really it was!

She could not have been more excited when the doctor took her temperature and listened to her heart beat.  Georgia was in total heaven.  I am not sure if I have ever seen anyone more happy to be lying on a doctor’s table and be examined.

Turns out she has tonsillitis – cool, so we got some antibiotics and then merrily skipped home.

If this was Connor I would be battening down the hatches, as I would be preparing for an ear infection and possibly some other deadly ENT issue.  Of course the fact that he no longer has his tonsils, would make me doubtful of the doctor and her abilities had she diagnosed tonsillitis with him, but moving on.

With Georgia I know I will throw a few spoonfuls of the antibiotics in her direction, some of it will go in, some will drop on the front of her jammies.

I will probably forget to finish the course – against doctor’s recommendations.  But Georgia will be fine and happily skip off to school without so much as a backward glance.

It’s good to have a kid that does not max out the medical aid!!

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  1. Ah, my first born is like that as well. Glad to have one healthy person.


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