Girl’s night out …..

Last night was a girl’s night out with pizza and too much wine.

I am not sure if everyone else had too much wine, but I definitely did.

This morning I am feeling a little tired and bleary eyed.  However I always act like I am all zesty the day after a night out – my blood shot eyes may tell another tale.

I was not the designated driver – thank goodness, I was barely competent to be the designated walker.

Got home, and Kennith was in checking on Isabelle.

I had put her into bed a bit earlier that usual, as she was a bit gringy and very irritable.  I put it down to her long day, and maybe being out of sorts as she may not have slept as much as she is used to.  She did not seem to be ill when I left, but she just did not look right.

When I saw Kennith with her – it clearly was a bit more than her being gringy.  She had a raging 41 degree temperature, and was sobbing as only a sick baby can, in the dark of the late night.

I have never seen a child that hot before.  Her skin was fire-hot to the touch.  Her skin was so red it looked like it was sun burnt – her cheeks were flushed scarlet against her pale face.

Talk about being dead sober in 5 seconds.

We sprung into action.  Gave her a Ponstan suppository, and ran a cool/warm bath for her.  I needed to get in to the bath as well, as she was looking very bleak and I could not let her sit there all sad by herself.  Misery loving company and all – and I also felt a bit guilty that she was ill, while I was out playing drink-wine!

A cool bath after a night out is not the best way to end a night out … but any the ho, such is our lot in life.

Isabelle sat in the bath and played a bit.  I gave her some water with a touch of Oros to encourage her to drink more water and just let her splash around a bit – I was still amazed that a child could actually feel that hot to the touch.  (we have one of those inside-the-ear-take-your-temperature-thingies which are pretty accurate)

Got her out of the bath, dressed her in light jammies, and she came to sit with us on the bed.

Her temperature had dropped under 40 – phew, at least we did not have to go to the ER, as I think both Kennith and I had anticipated when we took stock of where this night was going.  Kennith thought he saw a convulsion, but it was probably her shaking from the cold against her skin.

Isabelle started to look much better, and her temperature had dropped to just over 38 degrees – Ponstan and bath combination had obviously worked.  I am a big fan of suppositories for babies – they just work, and then you are not standing there fighting with a spoon of sticky medicine and a non-willing baby.

When her temperature seemed to settle, and her colour looked less alarming, we put her into her cot – and Kennith set his alarm to wake up in another 4 hours to give her some more Ponstan.    Have I mentioned what a good egg Kennith is?

Poor munchkin!  Left her sleeping this morning when I went to work.

Tonight the moomie moms are doing a get together sans kids – I am not sure I will be able to ingest more wine this evening … however I have a plan that includes a Steers burger and chips for lunch … and then facing some wine for dinner might not be so scarey.

Face your fears and all ….