Coming too early …

So the Athlone Cooling Towers were scheduled to come down today at 12h00.

I must confess I was a bit less than excited about going anywhere through hordes of folk to watch two buildings, which I was only mildly interested in, fall to the floor in a pile of rubble.

I tried to look excited, but I struggle to fake it, I really do.

Our friends had suggested hikes to Rhodes Memorial and all sorts of other ventures, so we could watch the towers come down.  Me, not so excited.

The idea of lurching out of bed early on a winters morning, with three kids en-tow and then marching across the peninsula in the freezing cold to watch a bomb go off did not really seem a worth while activity.  It just sounded tiring, cold and very uninteresting.

I figured one moment the towers would be there, then there would be a bunch of smoke, and then the towers would not be there.  Seems simple enough.

I reasoned I could catch it on E-TV and that would be fine for me.  Kennith judged me for not being more excited by this hallmark moment.

It wasn’t like I had anything better to do, but watching two towers fall down, was not something I was going to get excited about.  Unless they fell on top of a few key politicians I could name, but shouldn’t.

Kennith realized this morning that we can see the Athlone Cooling Towers from the balcony of our house.  Never noticed before.  I noticed the balcony, but never noticed the towers.

So there we are, perfect sight of the towers without having to move too far from the box of wine in the fridge – sounds like a plan.

We were all set at 12h00 to march out on our balcony to watch the Athlone Cooling Towers come down.  Excellent plan.

I had wine, I was warm, I did not have to deal with Joe Public, it was a great plan.

I was being domestic and making a fek-off Sunday lunch – and at 11h56 I went to fill my glass of wine – yes, I do drink wine before 12h00.

I wanted to have sufficient wine to get me to the 12h00 bomb and maybe then to 12h02 while I stare at the dust/smoke before saying “well that was exciting” and retreat to the comfort of inside.

I figured one glass = 6 minutes. Perfect synchronized timing.

It would seem on the Cape flats, time moves differently to the way it moves here in the Northern Suburbs.  Space/time continuum coming in to play and all.

Kennith screamed as he raced outside – he only realized the towers were on their way down because he saw it on television. Kennith had diligently co-ordinated his watch with phoning the watch/clock lady who tells you the time in that slightly staggered voice circa 1982.

When Kennith screamed, I tried to run from the kitchen without sloshing too much of my wine on the floor.  I also had to open a child safety gate and get down some stairs – so I was being challenged, but was willing to try to not spill anything on the way – I am made of tougher stuff.

I managed to make it outside with most of the wine still in my glass.  I know that worried you too.

In the end all we saw was a plume of smoke.

I took a sip of wine and said cheers, and then headed back inside.  Okay I took about three sips, just so I could make Kennith feel like I was there being part of this momentous event so he would stop judging me.

Fantastic day Cape Town – excellent, the way our Executive Major can tell time – CORRECTLY!

The towers are there ….

The Towers are gone …