Life’s little lessons ….

Connor and me driving home from school on Friday.

Connor: “There is a boy in my class, he is not in my class, he is in the other English class, and he was born deaf.”

Me: “Really?”

Connor: “But he had an operation and there is this thing inside his head and then there is this thing stuck here behind his ear and now he can hear. He has an operation – but it was a really expensive operation, but he can hear.”

Me: “It is called a cochlea implant and it is an expensive operation, but isn’t it wonderful that he can hear?”

Connor: “Mmmmm …. but it is so expensive that not everyone can afford it.  What about the poor kids who are born deaf who cannot have an operation because it costs too much money?”

Me – choking back a lump in my throat: “Yes my boy…”

Connor: “It really is not fair … “

Me – a little tear escapes from my eye and travels down my cheek… “Huh-huh…”

Connor: “But life is not fair is it?”

I am convinced that Connor is an old soul trapped in an eight year old boy’s body ….

Santa Shoe Box Project

This is such a cool campaign – really easy to take part and do something small for a needy child this holiday season.  The website is easy and efficient and the most difficult part is trying to “choose” a child to donate to.

I have my list – one child gift box from every member of the family – please go along and register it is really really easy and such a good thing and you really do not have to do much to make a difference – even if it is just a tiny difference.

I get all sad and weepy if I think that there is a child who does not get to open a gift on Xmas day – so this is a really nice campaign – give us much or as little as you can.  Get your kids to decorate the shoe boxes.

Please visit and click to join.