Santa Shoe Box Project

This is such a cool campaign – really easy to take part and do something small for a needy child this holiday season.  The website is easy and efficient and the most difficult part is trying to “choose” a child to donate to.

I have my list – one child gift box from every member of the family – please go along and register it is really really easy and such a good thing and you really do not have to do much to make a difference – even if it is just a tiny difference.

I get all sad and weepy if I think that there is a child who does not get to open a gift on Xmas day – so this is a really nice campaign – give us much or as little as you can.  Get your kids to decorate the shoe boxes.

Please visit and click to join.

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  1. Mandi Earl

     /  September 7, 2010

    Hi there! Got my two kids already – have chosen girls as I always seem to be buying for boys! So excited to get going on mine! xx

  2. Nisey

     /  September 7, 2010

    we’ve borrowed this idea and we’re doing a similar project in our area. it really is an amazing initiative.

    • reluctantmom

       /  September 7, 2010

      It is such an achievable thing to do which makes it so great. I often stand and look at the sheer magnitude of what needs to be done and I get totally immobilised!! But this is easy and it makes a small difference to each of these kid’s lives – love the initiative!~


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