Fairly good parents …..

I am sitting trying to watch the Dog Whisperer – I feel if this guy can train dogs without screaming at them, I can learn some good tips from him and amend them slightly to train my kids.

The Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan is really a brilliant show, I sort of stumbled on it, and thought this guy – he is the sh*t.

He speaks a lot about the energy you bring to the situation and that dogs can pick up on that.

I really like his move where he taps the dog in the ribs and the dog practically turns to jelly.  It just stops doing what ever it was doing – or even thinking about doing.  Cesar does not even raise his voice – he also does not attempt to break the rib – he just taps the dog like “remember, I am watching you…”

I have never watched him threaten a dog, or do anything remotely raise-your-eyebrow – I gotta get me some Cesar training – so I am trying to mimic a Hispanic man with slightly grey hair who is about 1.65 metres tall and speaks in even metered tones …. the challenges we set for ourselves!

There I am watching a bit of television and trying to keep Isabelle out of the cat food.  Georgia is drawing on her rather large sheet of paper that her favourite dad bought her.

Georgia says: “What is that hat that Jesus wears called?”

Georgia is known for asking the oddest questions at the strangest times.  The other day she said: “What is your mommy’s mommy’s name?” which had absolutely NO bearing on what we were doing or talking about at the time.

Back to Georgia’s headwear question.

I was initially a bit puzzled as Georgia has a speech impediment and Jesus sounds like Bejeshush or something similar.

I do speak (almost) fluent Georgia so I got the question, but then I thought “Hat, what hat?”

She then started to do a bit of a mime indicating what she meant –clearly she was referring to the ring of thorns that has become a rather popular image when JC is depicted.  So I thought well then I have to explain thorns and bleeding, so I opted for: “It’s called a crown.”

She seemed reasonably satisfied and called me a clever-mommy.  I went back to television – see this parenting this is dead easy.

Georgia: “Mommy, does Jesus have fairy godparents?”

Talk about a question right out of left field.  I do have some religious issues that I am working through, so I really find this a difficult subject to deal with when I speak to my kids.  I never want to lie to them about religion.  But at the same time I do not want to turn them into agnostics either ….. well then be if they want, but it must be their choice, not because I am all I-have-not-made-up-my-mind-and-stuff, but I digress….

Me: “Er….. I am pretty sure he doesn’t.”

Georgia sits there for a  while and ponders this problem.

Georgia:”Mommy I think he does, so I am going to draw him with fairy godparents.”

How does one even begin to go into a discussion with a  five year old about Jesus and God and where fairy godparents come into the equation.

I decided to opt instead to make the volume on the television louder to avoid any further uncomfortable discussion about religion, small elf people and why Jesus’ fairy godparents did not help me out of what really was a rather grim situation.

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  1. charlene

     /  September 14, 2010

    I wish her aunty Charl was there.

  2. Tania

     /  September 10, 2010

    A topic that parents can influence their kids, positively or negatively… I just find it amazing that a child, with no knowledge of Sunday School, Jesus, Bible, etc., can have thoughts and questions about it. It seems to be a natual cuiousity in all of us, from birth. Some parents choose to ignore their kids questions. Others choose to avoid and bypass. Others buy books. Others buy dvd’s. Human nature draws us unconsciously to investigate this feeling we all have. Celeste, I can never explain why people are put through hard times and many times just plain horrid times, all I can say is that we are only given as much as we can handle in order to make us stronge for a future event, in our own life or to help someone else.

  3. Jackie

     /  September 9, 2010

    This age must be synonymous with this topic 🙂 Dylan, aged 6 wanted to know why he does not go to school on Sundays, then before you have time to answer- the questions flowed with : “How long is school on Sunday?” and more important to Dylan “Do I get to take a snack?” obviously the food element very important to my son, who often consumes 3 different breakfasts on any normal day ….

    Hot on this topic, it becomes a family discussion to try and resolve these questions – 2 hours later, we still discussing the issues, problems and solutions – Dylan already forgotten that he raised this issue and is now more interested in going somewhere to eat as his stomach is talking to him and telling him he is hungry for restaurant food.

    Love to read the mind of this generation 🙂

  4. Kiara does this! We will all be talking about swimming and she will ask “how many sleeps” – leaving us all confused and going “HUH?”

    Kiara the other day told me that an elephant she saw on TV uses his shoes to make his ears bigger? I attempted to argue/correct her but then said “Ok baby” and carried on folding washing. (Bear in mine she is 6 so really knows what shoes and ears are used for)


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