Baba Indaba

If you are in Johannesburg and free on the 22 – 24 October 2010 and feel an overriding urge to look at pregnancy, baby and toddler goodies then odds are you are going to shuffle/waddle along to the Baba Indaba.

I personally would like the Baba Indaba more if they had a wine section.  I feel any event that includes screaming children and sleep deprived moms is just more attractive if you can offer a lazy lounger, some soft music, child care facilities and 2 or 3 glasses of wine.

Drop Nadine an email – – with “Reluctant Mom – Baba Indaba Tickets” in the subject header and if you use at least 5 smiley emoticons she may send you a set of free tickets.

Nadine is very generous, but her only requirement is that the moms who want to get free tickets can tell her where The Baba Indaba is being held this year ….. so if you do not know then pop along to their website
, alternatively you could look at the banner for the “secret” clue!