What to buy that man in your life who may have everything ….

Yesterday I was on the Dr Eve website.  Unfortunately as time progresses it turns out that I might be a prude.  The link under “shop” made me blush just looking at the wares, and several times I had to ask myself “what would someone do with that?”

Why our work firewall does not block this site, clearly shows that there is a hole big enough to drive a porn site through, but that is another discussion for another day.

I have never been inside an Adult World or any of the other “adult” stores that are popping up.  They usually look seedy and grim, and sadly a bit too much like an escort agency or seedy nightclub.

I am not sure I will be able to browse like a mature person, without feeling mortally embarrassed and start giggling like a twelve year old – this is assuming I could make it through the door.  The added problem is that when I feel embarrassed I start to say the most inappropriate things – sort of my way of lightening the mood, the problem is that what I say only causes me more embarrassment and usually leaves on-lookers mortified.

Anyway back to the website.  This particular product popped up – in my defense, I did not search for it, it just popped up – and I am going to keep saying that until someone believes me.

Initially I thought it was something else, so did not pay it much mind.  And then for some reason I looked at it a bit closer and realized it was a fake arse that you can actually buy.  Or buy for someone you think will use it or has a need for it.

The advert indicates that this is aimed at the heterosexual male market, rather than the not-heterosexual male, which raised my eyebrow further (I can hear you screaming prude!)

Once I got over the initial shock and the realisation of what someone does with this, I realized for a company to make this sort of a product, must mean that there is a demand.  A demand big enough to warrant someone making a mould, and a prototype and then going into full scale production.

I really would hate to be the product development manager who has to spring this idea on his production team.

I did not realise that this pastime was, well, so popular that may necessitate a home-entertainment version for ease of use!

There only appears to be a pink one, but will there be other colours on offer? And would someone who maybe usually prefers pink, maybe opt for black just for a “see if you like it” shopping approach?  Oh dear, you can see how one’s mind can really run off with this.

We have a wedding to attend in February.  It is a couple who has a lot of stuff.  They have indicated there is really nothing they need – because they have combined two households, and actually have two of a lot of things.

My thinking is that they might not need one of these Fleshjack Pink Jack Ass Originals but might they want one?  I am going to check if our other friends who are going to the wedding will want to chip in towards this as a wedding gift.  I think the “thank you” card is going to be awesome.