Keep on trying, keep on trying …

Standing in the kitchen last night chatting to Kennith whilst he is making dinner for us.

Sidebar:   Kennith does have many attractive attributes that I do not often mention much on this blog.  This week alone, we went out for dinner on Monday night to really nice restaurant – which he paid for – naturally.  Then he made dinner on Tuesday and again on Wednesday night. My sole duty is pouring the wine.  Dinner he generally takes care of – no seriously.

Anyway, so he looks over at me, sort of smirks a bit, puts his hand seductively on my hip and croons: “You aren’t looking bloated … not at all!”

A bit of silence passes …..

Me: “Is that how you give me a compliment?” (which sort of tags on to the recent conversation which followed a similar tack)

Kennith: “It really is all very hard..”

But you know he does try, and what more can you ask for?