My kingdom for a good cupcake…

I hosted bookclub on Wednesday night – we are quite a large group and sometimes I get a bit anxious trying to cater for all the girls.

I  get my knickers in a knot as I try and make a big dinner, and then I buy too much and I over cater, and really it becomes such a stressful endevour.

By the time the girls arrive, I actually want to lie in the foetal position on the kitchen floor, clutching my bottle of wine and sobbing.

I really wanted to find something easy this time around, and kept it simple.

I ordered books from Kalahari – so I did not have to run around to the bookstores and then end up buying books in a frantic rush.

I opted for Burgers and Fries.  I was going to serve McDonalds, but then I realised that might be pushing the envelop even by my standards.

My favourite burger place is Cafe Royale in Long Street.  So I contacted someone who used to work there, who could arrange burger patties – I think from the same butcher who supplied Cafe Royale.  I am not sure of the details, but they were really great burger patties and were about the size of my head.

I grilled burgers, and we had burgers with avocado and coriander, or burgers with camembert and cranberry jelly, with a side order of thin fries.  Diet-he-is-now-out-the-window-and-I-am-loosening-my-top-button yum.

Granted, I did make a salad  – as I thought there needed to be a ying-and-yang to this whole thing.

Dessert was these super cupcakes that I got from Chef Sam.  I saw her details on Facebook and thought I would give her a whirl.  I ordered, and went along to collected them on Wednesday morning.

I ate too much on Wednesday night – and could not fit a cupcake in (bearing in mind I also ate pecan-and-fudge shortbread and about a kilogram of Chuckles).  So adding to the liter or so of wine, there really was not much more space in my digestive tract for a cupcake.

I decided to eat a cupcake for breakfast – as you do – on Thursday morning.

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  If it makes you ne’erdowell feel any better, Isabelle shared the cupcake with me.

The cupcakes were so beautifully presented – too beautiful to eat actually.  I was suspicious that they looked good and might taste a bit like brown cardboard.  But I was wrong.  Delusionally mistaken in fact.

It was heaven – I ate the cupcake, the worm and the book – and it was really all too delicious for words.  Lick-the-palm-of-my-hand delicious.  I was suddenly very disappointed I had only ordered a dozen.

I am not trying to punt Chef Sam, but damn she is good.  It is always great to find someone who is doing a fabulous job of a work-from-home business, and kicking arse as they do it.

If you are Cape Town based looking for a really great cake/cupcake or what ever for your kid’s party/your party/a stork party/a party where you drink wine/a party where you sit at home and just want to gorge on really pretty cakes and cupcakes – then she is definitely the dame to get in touch with.

She is my new BFF  … I can see her arranging a restraining order against me quite soon.

Note the detail so the book has pages ….

And if you look carefully you can see the little bites out of the book … presumably made my the little word … or possibly chef sam …. | | 082 4317 569

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  1. Joyce

     /  November 1, 2010

    Jeez Celeste, those are impressive cupcakes! What do your book club friends have that your regular mates don’t have…? I have never received such beautiful dessert from you…? But then again, I would be just as happy with some box wine and Chuckles….. cheap date…

  2. We shall have to wander out there sometime.

    The cupcakes are just beautiful. Did you use Chef Sam for your wedding? Might consider it for C’s 1st bday but probably a bit over the top. Pricey?

    • reluctantmom

       /  November 1, 2010

      I did not use her for the wedding – I used someone else. Chef Sam was R128.00 for a dozen, I think. I have asked her to do a cake and cupcakes for Connor’s birthday party – it is pure extravagance though, but I am so sick and tired of King Cake I want to poop in my pants!

  3. gloeiwurmpie

     /  November 1, 2010

    ooooh, I love Royale burgers! My husband took us there for a treat, I thought I was Mrs Mia Wallace from Pulp fiction (except I had a baby on the hip :). Awesome place with awesome burgers and Milkshakes. I wish I was in Cape town for lunch!! drooling on top of my laptop now…

    • reluctantmom

       /  November 1, 2010

      It is without a doubt the best place to go for hamburgers and milkshakes …. love it!!!


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