If only the cat could just lie down with the mouse …

Yesterday I am driving home with Connor and Georgia after school.

Georgia starts talking about how the cat and the mouse are brothers and how they chase each other.  She is just going on and on, and I have absolutely no idea what she is referring to.

Experience has taught me to just let her go off on her own thing while I stare blankly at traffic.

She often just goes off on a tangent – and chats away to herself blindly unawares of anyone else around her (yes, therapy a bit later for her imaginary friend, busy writing in book now)

Georgia is one of those children that just operates on a totally different level of reality.

The stuff that pops out of her mouth often leaves us guffawing with laughter – because of it’s unique perspective, often inappropriate timing and because I seriously have no idea where she gets it from.

I really wish I could say it was from me – as I envy her ability to think so creatively and at five to explain it in such a logical manner (even when it is totally out there, her explanations often/always have merit!)

She is prattling on about the cat and the mouse.

I realise she is leaving gaps in the conversation, and is waiting for me to comment or answer a question, and clearly I am not.

I start paying more attention to her ramblings, and trying to put what she is saying into context and realise that it sounds like she is talking about Tom and Jerry.

So I go: “Georgia is it Tom and Jerry? Are they brothers?”

Georgia: “Yeeessssssssss, and then the cat chases the mouse, and the mouse is faster than the cat and gets away.”

Me: “Sure, but now and then the cat is faster than the mouse, and that is how the mouse does get caught.”

Connor who likes to remain the world of pure-facts-no-fantasies pipes up: “But Tom and Jerry aren’t brothers….”

Georgia: ‘Yes, they are…”

Connor: “A cat and a mouse can’t be brothers!” (clearly the concept of a cat family adopting a mouse has not occurred to him, but anyway)

Georgia: “Yes they can!”

Connor: “NO they CAN’T!”

Georgia” Yes they can!”

Connor:  “Mommmmmyyyyy tell her…!”

Me – in a whisper – : “Leave me out of it, you started it with her…”

Connor – who is now starting to get into wildly defensive mode to stand his ground, sees another angle.

I can almost hear the pride in his voice as he comes up with this pearler: ”Georgia, they can’t be brothers – because Tom and Jerry are always trying to hurt each other and Tom is trying to kill Jerry, and brothers don’t kill brothers!”

He looks at me with a self-satisfied smile that clearly says “there we go, I just cleared that little issue up for you.”

Winner-winner-chicken-dinner and all.

To which Georgia – who does not miss a beat goes: “You know in the bible, there are two brothers, Cain and Abel, and the one brothers kills the other brother. The one brother looks after sheep and the other brother grows things, and the one brother kills the other brother  dead.  And they are in the bible and they are brothers, so Tom and Jerry can be brothers.”

Of course I beam with pride.

Not because Connor has been beaten in his argument by a 5 year old – but because she works this stuff out for herself. Georgia can join dots-of-reasoning like no one’s business.

I am really thrilled to have such a free-thinking free-spirited five year old.

I am not so sure I will be so happy when she is sixteen and is a free-thinking free-spirited girl with breasts – but I can cross that bridge another day.