‘It’s only funny when it happens to someone else’ Moment ….

So Saturday night we are at the Spur, like any good family with kids.

We are not starving, but we are just too lazy to attempt to do anything in the kitchen that requires us, foods, plates and some form of preperation.

We eat, and Kennith always has ice-cream, it’s his thing.

Me, not so much.

But I did feel like a bit of ice-cream, but the Spur brings you such a large portion that it is actually a touch on the indecent side, even by my rather skew standards.

So Spur waitron person comes over and Kennith orders for himself and the kids and then looks at me, and I “uhm and aaahmmm” and say: “I’d really like a bit of ice cream but it is just way too much and I am just not that hungry!”

Spur waitron-guy, without missing a beat: “Shall I bring you the pensioner’s portion….?”

You know for a just a moment when you think you are starting to feel good, and think you are quite a young’n and then some tosser comes and stamps all over your dreams??

Fek, I need to get back onto that Oil of Olay cr@p – I was going to say ‘before it is too late” – but clearly that ship has sailed!

<just for the record, I did order the pensioner’s portion …………. muvverflucker>