I choose to leave the crap to someone else …

Isabelle is 21 months and I really need to give some thought to potty training.

I think is aware when she takes a crap in her pants, because she sort of does a cowboy walk and indicates in the region of her bum “uck, uck.”  So she does not say mommy, but she has “yuck” “shoes” and “yum yum” covered. 

And you wonder why I blog to deal with my pain of rejection!

R2.20 – R3.00 odd a nappy (depending on the quality we can afford at the time of the month) it might be time to think about this potty training thing a bit more seriously.

Here is the rub – I have never taught my children potty training.  I hear you ‘gasp’ but it is true – and no they are not all crapping in their pants, I have just outsourced it in the past – not consciously, but it was sort of how it happened.

I waited until the school went: “Oooohhhh Connor/Georgia (leave the correct name in) is ready to potty training!”

And then I go: “Really?” with a certain measure of doubt in my voice.

Listen I do not like cleaning crap off skin, but it is preferred to cleaning it off skin, then off walls, then off the side of the toilet seat, then flicking it off the inside of underwear, and digging it off the seams of jeans ….. I like the one place option.

And they go – sort of with unabandoned glee – gawd pre-school staff need to get out more: “Yes, and we are going to get started, so please send extra underwear in case he/she messes. Okay?”

Me – sort of with a bit of a lip curl and lacking enthusiasm: “Okay …..”

And then I do send more underwear, and that is pretty much where my contribution starts and ends. 

Monday to Friday, Connor/Georgia are faithfully potty trained until they come home.  Then I put a nappy on and it remains there until Monday morning, and the training can pick up again.  At school.  Where I am not.

I figure my lackluster interest would set their training back by a maximum of three weeks, but in the bigger picture what is three weeks?

Not much I tell you – but three weekends spent wiping crap off furniture it can seem like an eternity! 

At some point even the child knows that they are potty trained and then they take off the nappy and use the potty at home, and then let me put the nappy on when what ever has found it’s way into the potty.

I usually keep this up until something happens.   I might forget to put the nappy on and then Connor/Georgia go to the toilet without pee’ing or poo’ing on the walls/floors or duvets, and I get called to come wipe and find a perfect floaty in the plastic potty.

At some point I will notice that an entire day has gone by and either the nappy is unused or I have forgotten to put it on.  Then I will congratulate myself on a successfully potty trained child, and do high-fives all around!

The result is that I have used this method twice and it has worked pretty well for me.  I seriously do not feel I have been robbed of any experience, really it is fine.  The need to teach my child to use the crapper is pretty low on my list of things I feel I need to do to make me a complete and competent mother.  Really, however if it rocks your world, great.

Unfortunately the flaw in my present system is that Isabelle does not go to school.  Huge flaw.

“Oh where, oh where to look to find someone to potty train my child?”

RM cups hand above eyes so she can see into the distance without squinting.  “Oh look who I see there, it is … it is Pepe. Yay for Pepe!”


Yes, you can tut-tut until you nick your tongue for all I care. 

It is better than me sending my daughter to school when she is three and still not potty training.  I mean really, how would that look?

This morning I saw a book titled Potty Training In One Week by Gina Ford

Hello, what a clever little find.  Listen even if they are lying and it takes two weeks, still sounds like a good deal to me and costs about the same as one pack of nappies.

Excellent guess what book I have just bought for Pepe?

Will update you on how Pepe is doing as soon as the book arrives.

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  1. Oh Crap! I’ve still got one more kiddiwink to go… had forgotten bout that stage til I read your post!

  2. I’ll also just a throw it away. Luckily cleaning crap of walls while working in a nursing home and potty training two dogs have prepared me, I think. If that didn’t do it, nothing will!

  3. LoriF

     /  April 5, 2011

    I figured I will leave potty training until he goes on a date and figures out how uncool a nappy is – but in the end the school also put a stop to that and Ethan is now potty trained, and whilst I am yet to clean crap off underpants (quite frankly I will also just throw it away), I have spent an early morning cleaning crap off the side of the toilet, floor and carpet after a (unsuccesful) attempt by potty trainee to empty the pot himself 😦

  4. You and me both doll! Lucy did the princess and C. L however, stubbornly refuse – to such an extend that we will now go to “Tannie Potty” a play therapist that handles this. You see – I am even more of a cop-out than you – I get professional helpAt 3 and a half it is about time.

    • reluctantmom

       /  April 5, 2011

      Ha ha ….. I have handed Pepe “the book” in a ceremony this morning …..

  5. Marijke

     /  April 4, 2011

    *Note to self* Don’t read this blog while drinking tea (or anything really) because I so saw myself in this post…. uhm the one cleaning crap off everything for the whole weekend while the little one (who insists on being potty trained) has a runny tummy.

    Ah the joys! Now to clean the tea from my nose off the computer screen

    • reluctantmom

       /  April 5, 2011

      I have been rethinking that maybe we should stick to nappies a bit longer …. I know cleaning crap of nappies is a sh*t job, but worse is cleaning sh*t off underwear … and sheets …. and walls …. and the underside of your nails ……

  6. The first thing I asked at day care is when they start potting training… I have no seen no kid going to school with a nappy, so somewhere it must happens to everyone!

  7. julz

     /  April 4, 2011

    Dylan started at school which I was quite chuffed about, but then I got to thinking that it may be best to contiue the trainig over weekends which has been fine as Dylan has always been fairly consitpated. BUT this weekend had me almost hurling. I had no idea cleaning poop out of underpants was so gross. As in seriously gross which kinda leaves me very reluctant to potty train over the weekends now.

    • reluctantmom

       /  April 4, 2011

      Totally at some point with Georgia I was just throwing away pairs of panties …. probably not the best idea, but there is only so much cr&p one person can flick off a pair of panties before the panties does a “throw in the dustbin” trick!

  8. You are not alone!!!! I have not potty trained my son at all. I left it up to school and the nanny at home!!
    I could think of nothing worse than cleaning an accident up!!!


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