Finallly one good thing in this week …

I got home on Friday – after my shocker of a day – which only added to my total “rhymes with koos” of a week.

I stumble in at around 7pm, throw myself into the bedroom,  fling my bag down and sit on the bed in a devastated pile.

Kennith is sitting with his back to me, and Isabelle is on a chair next to him – he is on the computer and she is playing with something on the desk.  They say ‘hi” and Kennith continues with his gane.

Isabelle continues playing with what ever she has got, and she goes “caaa” and hands something to Kennith – and lo-and-frkn-hell it is my wedding ring!

Right there after I have spent four days hunting (flinging things around in anger and frustration) looking for it.

Isabelle it appears had taken my ring and attached it to the magnet – and no one thought to look inside the magnet (it has a fold over clip to go onto a golf peak cap) as there my ring was!

Clearly not the place anyone might have thought to look.

So one highlight of my shite week – Isabelle found my ring, granted she had actually been the one who lost it, but bygones and all that.