The Tooth Fairy strikes ……

Georgia has been sporting a wobbly tooth for some time.

I can’t stand wobbly teeth, they make me throw up a little when I see them.  I have the same reaction when I see stitches being put in, stitches being taken out, or have to listen to Patricia Lewis.

I just want teeth in or teeth out.  I can’t stand the stage where kids wiggle their loose teetth with their tongue.. It is the equivalent of biting on wool for me.

See how that makes you feel – that is exactly how I feel when I see a loose tooth.

Georgia shows us the wiggly tooth last night and Kennith says: “Let me pull it out with a pliers!”

And she goes: “Okay daddy … ” and then squeals in delight.

I start cringing and hiding behind the oven – not sure why the oven, and why I was hiding, but there I was.

True as nuts Kennith gets the pliers, which was actually his Leatherman Tool (I am not doing puns about his male member, it really was one of those all-purpose tool things, that you keep in a leather pouch, on your belt …… really no puns here) and he then pulls Georgia’s tooth out.

She runs through to the kitchen (where I am still hiding) looking like she might live on the Cape Flats and she is squealing in delight – not pain, delight!

I bought her a “tooth fairy” pillow nearly three years ago, and she dug it out, and deposited her tooth in it and was ready to go to bed.

<so the tooth fairy could come earlier you see>

At that moment I realised that besides having to quickly determine what the going rate was for a milk tooth (which we decided was R25.00), Georgia was on the road heading in the opposite direction of being a baby.

Soon we would be standing in the bra aisle at Woolworths, or in the tampon and sanitary towel aisle at Pick ‘n Pay.

It has all started with her one milk-tooth popping out of mouth to make room for her first adult tooth.

It has officially started ….

It makes me smile with a bit of warmth.  It makes me sniff back a tear because the clichés are true – it does all pass so quickly.

I also got a bit scared, as she is not going to be that little gawky quirky little girl who comes and hops into our bed to give us a cuddle for much longer.  Soon she will not be doing that, soon she will be stealing the car keys and sneaking out with stinky boys.

Yes …. I know it is JUST a tooth ….

Georgia sporting the Cape Flats look …..

The Tooth Fairy pillow, much better than trying to retrieve the tooth from a shoe …. I have been hanging on to this thing for years.

Georgias was past excited, and could not wait to go to sleep ……. possibly if you  are struggling to get your child to sleep, you can start pulling teeth out and see how that works …. I am just saying.