The Tooth Fairy strikes ……

Georgia has been sporting a wobbly tooth for some time.

I can’t stand wobbly teeth, they make me throw up a little when I see them.  I have the same reaction when I see stitches being put in, stitches being taken out, or have to listen to Patricia Lewis.

I just want teeth in or teeth out.  I can’t stand the stage where kids wiggle their loose teetth with their tongue.. It is the equivalent of biting on wool for me.

See how that makes you feel – that is exactly how I feel when I see a loose tooth.

Georgia shows us the wiggly tooth last night and Kennith says: “Let me pull it out with a pliers!”

And she goes: “Okay daddy … ” and then squeals in delight.

I start cringing and hiding behind the oven – not sure why the oven, and why I was hiding, but there I was.

True as nuts Kennith gets the pliers, which was actually his Leatherman Tool (I am not doing puns about his male member, it really was one of those all-purpose tool things, that you keep in a leather pouch, on your belt …… really no puns here) and he then pulls Georgia’s tooth out.

She runs through to the kitchen (where I am still hiding) looking like she might live on the Cape Flats and she is squealing in delight – not pain, delight!

I bought her a “tooth fairy” pillow nearly three years ago, and she dug it out, and deposited her tooth in it and was ready to go to bed.

<so the tooth fairy could come earlier you see>

At that moment I realised that besides having to quickly determine what the going rate was for a milk tooth (which we decided was R25.00), Georgia was on the road heading in the opposite direction of being a baby.

Soon we would be standing in the bra aisle at Woolworths, or in the tampon and sanitary towel aisle at Pick ‘n Pay.

It has all started with her one milk-tooth popping out of mouth to make room for her first adult tooth.

It has officially started ….

It makes me smile with a bit of warmth.  It makes me sniff back a tear because the clichés are true – it does all pass so quickly.

I also got a bit scared, as she is not going to be that little gawky quirky little girl who comes and hops into our bed to give us a cuddle for much longer.  Soon she will not be doing that, soon she will be stealing the car keys and sneaking out with stinky boys.

Yes …. I know it is JUST a tooth ….

Georgia sporting the Cape Flats look …..

The Tooth Fairy pillow, much better than trying to retrieve the tooth from a shoe …. I have been hanging on to this thing for years.

Georgias was past excited, and could not wait to go to sleep ……. possibly if you  are struggling to get your child to sleep, you can start pulling teeth out and see how that works …. I am just saying.

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  1. Most people arent really sure what to do with their childs baby teeth. Saving it is very common, but as time passes it will being to desintergrate. The interesting thing is, your childs tooth is extremeley valuable. Baby teeth are rich in mtDNA and can be used for identification for years to come.

    My Dad and I are currently in the process of lauching a great new company.

    We Preserve Baby Teeth.
    Tooth Fairy Inc. has developed a process to preserve your childs baby teeth. In a laboratory setting, Tooth Fairy uses a unique patented process to restore, preserve, and beautify your loved ones tooth. Once we have completed the preservation process, we will turn your childs memory into a unique piece of jewelry of your choice. A gift that lasts forever.

    Please check us out, and let us know what u think.

    Thank You

    • reluctantmom

       /  June 8, 2011

      I can say without a doubt, that wearing one of my children’s teeth around my neck is about on par with me wearing their finger nail clippings inside a broach …. I am sure there are tons of people who will love this idea, but then again there are tons of people who think patch leather jackets are a cool idea as well.

  2. Charne

     /  June 2, 2011

    I fall inlove with Georgia a little bit more everytime you post about her. Squealing with delight at the prospect of having your tooth pulled with a pliers – most girls would scream in horror.

  3. Emily

     /  June 2, 2011

    Ew… I can relate to that grossed-out feeling of wobbly teeth. Hated that as a kid and not looking forward to it with my own kids. My little 3 year old had to have an injured tooth pulled this morning… I was not ready for this to happen so early. (Oh and if you ever need a good resource on taking care of kids’ teeth, I’ve recently found this Mom’s Guide to be a great help.) You are so, so right. It does go quickly. Not sure how it can possibly be true that my “baby” needs school uniforms for kindergarten in a few months!! *sigh*

  4. Whaaaat??? The going rate is up to R25.00 already??? Oh dear. By the time my twins have their teeth falling out it’ll probably be R50! Times that by two and Im R100 poorer.
    Hmmm, think I need to negotiate terms and conditions with this tooth fairy character.

    Congrats Georgia! 🙂

  5. Congrats on the milestone! You have a gorgeous daughter even if she is toothless 🙂

    R25 sounds about right…

  6. Scared & Imperfect Mother

     /  June 1, 2011

    Congrats RM – i dont blame you for running I would do the same. I’m still trying to get over the R25 for a tooth thing.

    • reluctantmom

       /  June 1, 2011

      We had no idea what to give …… is R25.00 too much??

      • Scared & Imperfect Mother

         /  June 1, 2011

        I dont actually think so, if we compare it to the little R2 or R5 if you lucky that we use to get it seems like alot, but then again we could buy half a months groceries with R5 not so mny moons ago and now you cant even park you car somewhere for 3min for R5!!!

      • hell yes, I’m going to spout the “this is my house and I make the rules” line and get away with as cheap as possible 🙂

  7. Sharon

     /  June 1, 2011

    That is just so cute! Love the pics. But I too got a little pang of sadness and anxiety at your description of how quickly they grow up!

  8. My dad can’t STAND cotton wool. Man I laugh. This is a man that fought RLI, Paras in the Border War for like 5 years. He fought in wars and shot guns and pretty much killed people. But give him a piece of cotton wool and he runs like a little girl. Too funny.

  9. R25 for a tooth! Geez. I remember getting that big shiny R1 coin and I could buy ten Wicks chappies or Wilson’s toffees.

    • reluctantmom

       /  June 1, 2011

      I used to get R1.00 back in the day, I used to buy 750ml coke (in a glass bottle I could return for more money) a packet of chips (bigger than the 30g they give now) a roll of Wilsons hard sweets, and 10 sunrise toffees and I would still have a few coins in my pocket.

      The cheap old days …. I miss them ……..

  10. Oh I felt much the same when we had that first tooth last year. And yes, I feel the same about Patricia Lewis too. But not about loose teeth.

  11. Agh cute man!!!!!

    I also run away when they start wagging their teeth at me. Camerons last 2 have fallen out during dinner – I really dont mind – it means I dont have to pull :-p


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