I wore a beret …. because they made me …..

So I have been dreading this moment for some time.

<I figured as I had posted images of me puking at my hen party last year, I might as well out myself on this before someone else does>

The experience was really a lot of fun – but I hate being in front of a camera (anyone who has attempted to aim a camera at me will know this), and anyone who sees the result might agree that I look relatively uncomfortable.

About two months ago a few Mommy Bloggers were approached with the aim to be styled by a Style Blogger, and to have hair and makeup done and photographed for Huisgenoot Mooi Magazine.

I was keen on everything, except the being photographed part.

But it appeared that issue was a bit of a deal breaker, so I thought “no one will see it, surely….”

I had my hair coloured and cut by the brilliant Nigel from the Hairdresser & Spa at the One and Only, Cape Town.

Neville gave me the best hair cut I have ever had, and he did a great job colouring my hair – he gave me a hair treatment that will make me think fondly of him for many years to come.

The next day I met Kim Gray (who won Style Blogger 2010) and the merry band of directors/makeup and camera people at the You Studio in Cape Town.

Kim had selected some outfits and we then tried to put my large white body in to them.

I will confess she chose some really lovely pieces, that I probably would not have chosen myself.  I was also nowhere near a mirror so had to take her guidance in terms of what looked good.

I had makeup done and hair was fine from the day before.

At that point I was asked to stand around in a studio and smile or jump or leap – and then it just got very awkward for me.

Everyone had their job, and my job was to do what ever they said … and not try to change anything, or suggest not to wear the beret for instance.

I really hate being in front of the camera and I think every cell in my body was screaming “get me the hell out of here!”

But I stayed and played along – it was actually a lot of fun and quite an experience.

I showed Kennith these pictures and the first thing he said is:”What the hell is on your head?” and then he burst out laughing ….. sigh ……. so I predict the next few days are going to be rather painful for me.

I have taken the images from Kim’s pages, as I have not seen the magazine myself.