The red beret incident ….. picture story

Okay, now that I have recovered from the Huisgenoot Mooi Shoot (and I still have not actually seen the magazine yet) – though my friends have promised to bring along a magazine for this weekend and further ridicule me, I thought I would put up these photos that I took of the shoot day.

Me at the Hairdresser at the One and Only – seriously I could live like this ….I permitted quite a lot of hair to be cut off, I was a bit traumatised afterwards.

Neville treated me to a Hydra Mist experience, which other than looking like an Alien Mother Ship landed on my head was divine – something about pores in your hair shaft and moisture …..

Poor Neville having to brush the knots out ….. he was probably rethinking his career choice right about then.

The divinely talented Neville – Hair Guru at the One and Only Hotel, Cape Town

Makeup artist applying the first layer …. of many many layers … I don’t really wear makeup so it was all a bit shocking ..

Er, that is a lot of makeup ….clearly they knew I would be coming along …..

Stylist Kim sorting out the clothes … for the record we all look slightly wrecked as we were at studio before 7am ….

I actually quite liked this outfit, I was not loving the beret at all – I LOVED THE SHOES, not sure the poncho/wrap was working, but it felt nice on.

The photographer kept asking me to stand on one leg – then I fell over- then he asked me to do it again — have no idea where this was going.

Incredible how I followed instruction from people I do not know ….. total Jedi Mind Tricks that day.

Photographer guy wondering exactly how much time he should set aside for Photoshop on this lot …

Another look they were trying – no I would not under normal conditions stand with bright red lipstick and a compact in a room – but they felt this might be a good idea (notice how big and how much lips I have – makeup artists do not have to colour within the lines ….)

I really liked this look and was hoping they would use the photos from this series…but sadly not.

A ton of makeup being applied …..

They were doing some portraits at the end, which they did not use …..I quite liked the dress, actually I really liked the dress.

And, as they say, that’s all folks!!

My 15 minutes (or seconds in this case) of fame, over.