Johannesburg envy …

I seldom get envious that I do not live in Johannesburg.


I do not think I have ever said “I wish I lived in Johannesburg..” but this might be one of those times.

Okay, maybe I did not actually wish to live in Johannesburg.

Maybe I just wished I had a Fairy Godmother who handed out wicked air tickets on a wing and a prayer.

The gorgeous Raising Men and her merry troupe of bandits, are planning a little soiré in Johannesburg for anyone who blogs and anyone who wants to specifically stalk bloggers.

Actually blogging is option, you just need to like cake, tea, and be able to read ….. a bit ……… the rest they can fill in for you on the form provided.

Even if you do not want to stalk bloggers, or stand next to cardboard cut-outs of them (I am sure there will be cardboard life size cutouts to pose with), there are some really yummy-I-am-so-jealous-and-I-am-glad-I-am-on-Alzam-or-I-might-start-feeling-really-anxious-right-now prizes as well.

Spot prizes.

You do not have the be the prettiest or the cleverest, you just have to show up – dude, that is easy pickings.

I mean really …… no getting 300 of your closest friends on FB to vote for you, just show the freak up!

Yes, we have not 1 but 2 Kodak digital cameras (RM – I think I fell over when I swooned) and 3 x ghd Iconic Eras of Style handbags and a YEARS supply of Pringles (RM – oh my giddy aunt, I could die happy, rolling around in Pringles … we are talking about the chip and not the leisure wear right??)  and a Living & Loving pampering  hamper and 5 x Snack Factory gift bags and 5 x Canderal gift bags and finally a  months free coffee at Wolves.

So get your blogging hats on and come say hi to us on the 13th of July at Wolves Cafe on Corlett Drive. It all starts at 6pm

I am really jealous right now …….. the only way I could be any more envious right now is if they had white wine with the cake  …..

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  1. Apparently there was one in CT last week. I had no idea and just found out. Clearly we are in with the wrong crowd…

    See here:

    Would love it if you could organise something for the not so glamorous Moms who need wine…

  2. Yeah for being a Johburger! 😉 You are making fun of us?

    • reluctantmom

       /  July 8, 2011

      No, not at all …. just envious of your location to this event ….. hope you are going to go.

  3. To Love Bella

     /  July 8, 2011

    ME TOO!!!! Been popping up on some of my favourite blogs. *sulk*

  4. Or be close enough to go but not able to with kids….

  5. Oh, there WILL be WINE! Get on a plane!
    I love that Angie and I are Tash’s merry troupe of bandits! I’ve always wanted to be a bandit! 🙂

  6. You rock when other people have scissors!

  7. I am envious of you who lives in Cape Town. 🙂
    I would love to attend bloggers get togethers, but sadly not much like that happens in Port Elizabeth. One day….

  8. Taryn

     /  July 8, 2011

    Then please organise one in CT for us!!!!

  1. They heard it through the grapevine! | Life with Luca

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