My Skype FAIL Moment …

Yesterday afternoon I am chatting to the guys at work and I am talking about the fact that I do not know how the camera/video thing works on my laptop.

They have MACs. I have a PC so they can’t really offer advise.

I figured I could just work on it later and figure out how it works – which applications it works with and so on.

Really not critical (to be honest I was trying to use it to “scan” something in as we do not have a scanner anywhere nearby.)

Fast forward a few hours later – it is about 9pm I am in my old, grey, torn jammies with my laptop on my lap sitting in my lounge alternating between sips of wine and Flourexitine.

I figure out the camera works if I an in Skype, and then I run it as video and “take a photograph” that route.

All seems fine.

Photographs are always crap, and you know how that goes – lighting bad, you have laptop on your lap, so you and your 3 dozen chins are on show.

But I am getting the idea and can’t seem to export the images. But I fiddling around and the issue is more about the capturing and exporting the image than the quality of the image.

Just to reiterate I AM IN MY JAMMIES – – this is not even a good pair of jammies.

I am trying to see if I can take a photo and copy it out – to edit in another package, and I am not getting it right, but anyway, finish that off, turn laptop off, go to bed.

This morning, I put my laptop on (it’s a work laptop and I check mail, and we do a lot of work with clients who we physically never meet, so it is all done via SKYPE).

I repeat the same exercise this morning as I arrive to see if maybe I can figure it out now that I am more awake – but then I get distracted with work, and carry on with something else.

Later this morning my boss guy (who is in the UK) is chatting to me on Skype and he comments about my new photo on my profile.

I am like WHAT?

And I immediately get this sinking really bad feeling.  You know the one, when you suddenly realise that it has all gone horribly, horribly wrong.

My photos that I have been mucking around with on Skype in my frkn jammies have been posting to my Skype profile.

The rub – is that I deal with clients in a ton of time zones, so someone was on when I was in my grey jammies and happily posting close ups of my left nostril, and exposed pores.

The only “thank goodness” moment is the last image was one at my desk this morning – I was not even aware of it, so I am sort of half in the frame and half out.

My boss guy sent me the screen shot BECAUSE I KEPT GOING WHAT DO YOU MEAN THERE IS A NEW PHOTO OF ME.. I might have had a hysterical aspect to my voice at the time…..

This is one of the jammie shots my entire company has now seen of me.

I realise it is probably not quite a naked sex tape, but ideally you really do not need your clients seeing you in your grey, torn and dirty jammies.

It sort of detracts from the hint of professionalism that you have tried to project.

<I am not subjecting you to the other ones because I only have the ones I saved out, the ones that were happily positing to my Skype status are of course now on the web, so I wish them bon voyage>

<It has now occured to me that I will no longer be playing “with my camera” while my network cable is plugged in …. what a douché bag>

Not sure what they were thinking with this advert?

What exactly where Kia thinking when they approved this print advert?

I get the edginess.

I think, but I am really a bit “huh” when I look at it and go really, advertising about teachers seducing kids, and “seeing” them as consenting adults … that IS a super campaign.

Well done Kia on this one!



Note from Kiki – July 14, 2011 at 11:39 am