Toilet time … not always alone time ….

I am trying to go to the toilet to evacuate my bowels, to put it as politely as I can.

I have all the kids in my bathroom – I am trying to herd them out, give up, run them a bath.

I explain that though this might mean they will need therapy later, I am going to need to go to the toilet INFRONT of them.

Connor of course then proceeds to tell me how I smell, and how the tiles are falling off the walls and all that feel good stuff.

<on the upside he is not fighting with this sister as I paid him another R5.00 today>

Connor is getting out the bath and I start telling him about the fact that I have a dream.

I dream about going to the toilet, alone, uninterrupted.

Connor tells me I went to the toilet yesterday by myself.

I said no, Georgia came to tell me something.

<The minute I aim my butt towards porcelain something goes off in Georgia’s head and she has to come and speak to me immediately.>

I must say the moment of me explaining to Connor (with my other two children) in the room and my need to be able to maybe one day take a crap by myself, was only made sweeter by Fortunate (our maid) arriving at the toilet door to tell me that Kennith was trying to get hold of me on the phone.

Well, of course he was …… I am trying to take a crap, of course this is just the right time for everyone to come and talk to me.

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  1. Ha ha! I remember having my baby strapped to me in his kangaroo pouch & going to the bathroom like that. The things we have to do!

    • reluctantmom

       /  August 3, 2011

      I think you know you are special when you can rock a baby against your chest, go to the toilet, wipe and still not stop rocking.
      That there is a special skill few talk about – but really they should.

  2. This is my daily fight – I promise you. I slip away when they do not see me to the furthest loo possible and lock the door.

  3. Jo-Anne Donaldson

     /  August 1, 2011

    Know the feeling! Have not been to the loo (at home) in peace in more than a year! Gotten used to it now but this weekend past my girl had the nerve to stalk me all the way to the crapper (and I really moved SO softly through the house!)and still tell me in her most disgusted voice – including the disgust facial expression – that I stink! I just looked at her and said “Payback’s a bitch!” Heeheee!

    • reluctantmom

       /  August 1, 2011

      You = make me laugh.
      I also reminded Connor that I was wiping crap off his bottom and his back until not that long ago,and at least I was not asking him to come wipe me.

  4. Up till now I have been adamant that having children would not effect my bowl evacuations. I have pooped alone. However I’ve recently started accepting that, in order to effectively potty train, my daughter probably needs to see me do it… hehe

  5. Nisey

     /  August 1, 2011

    toilet time is ‘private time’ in my house. no negotiation – no one comes into the bathroom when im evacuating… no one! Now J tells me to leave him when he’s on the loo cos its HIS private time!

    • reluctantmom

       /  August 1, 2011

      I so wish …. Georgia must come and speak to me. Connor sometimes comes in to ask me if I know where dad is …… SERIOUSLY??

  6. It wont be long before I’m heading in that same direction.
    I love my bathroom time so much! Am gonna hate to see it go!


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