Wear Your Heart on your Stomach …love the idea ….

I thought more about the post yesterday after it was posted than before I pushed “publish.”

Partly due to some of the comments I received, and this link that Jess and Julz sent on to me.

It got me thinking, I’d love to have a good photo of me and my scar so that I can look at it and think of it fondly rather than in distress like I do at the moment.

I think of it as ugly and want it to go away – but I love the idea that we look at it as “wearing our hearts on our stomachs.”

Really love that concept.  I had a little mind paradigm shift there.

I would love to do some black and white photos of c-section scars or birth scars.

I would like to get a few moms into a studio and take some studio pics that they can have and also I can have in a gallery.

I think it would be even better to wait for better weather and do it outside in a private garden.

I am not 100% clear in my head of how to do them yet.  I figure I can work it out.  I want it to be something you would keep and cherish, rather than hide in the back of your underwear drawer.

If you are in Cape Town, feel like getting na.k.ed or partly clad in a studio or outdoors – and want to do this drop me a note.  My email address is along the side bar, or leave a comment and I will contact you.

I am thinking if I have 3 – 5 woman, I can rent a studio for 2 – 3 hours, if the ladies are keen to chip in to cover the cost of the studio, I will sort out the rest.

We can do wine and photography — I find that is not always the worst combination.

Drop me a note if you are interested in the idea.

If you do not want to do it with anyone else, drop me a note and we can see what we can do.

Or if you have a suggestion to improve on this idea.  I am not sure when I will do it, but it is running around in my head.

Here is Georgia’s birth on 20 June 2005 – first cut and final dab …. look away if you are squeamish …

<seriously – look away, stop scrolling ….>

Last warning.

Otherwise, have a good weekend. Happy Friday everyone!!

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  1. Colleen

     /  August 23, 2011

    stunning idea – maybe you’ll start a movement 🙂

  2. Karen

     /  August 19, 2011

    I am game for the naked photography thing – including accepting the wine offer. BUT we will have to find my scar under a pensie 🙂 LOL, it can only be fun! Send details.

    • reluctantmom

       /  August 19, 2011

      I will add you to the list — it seems women are quite keen to get their kit off in a group, when promised wine.
      I think that is a valuable point to take away from this experience!

    • reluctantmom

       /  August 19, 2011

      I must explain I read “pensie” as penis several times ….. and it took quite a while for me to really grasp what you were saying here. Now that I have got “pensie” as in afrikaans for apron, this sentence makes much more sense, though the photo might be less exciting!!!

  3. thelma

     /  August 19, 2011

    oh my word how amazing i cant even remember having tatiana in this manner i dont think i would have been able to get up if i had seen pics like these of my c-section.. i also think your idea is a great one and once the ladies start enjoying the wine i am sure your photo shots will reveal alot more..

  4. Jems

     /  August 19, 2011

    Fab idea!

    A bit of http://pinterest.com/pin/123789142/ but with a ceaser scar?

    Can I get back to you in 6 months when my rock hard abs are sticking out instead of the flabby pouch there at the mo?

    PS. Miss you on Moomie x

  5. Oh wow, I really wish I was there to do this! Going to be so jealous of the photos!

    When I was pregnant we did a photo where you take your hands and form a heart shape, and hold them over your stomach… http://bit.ly/p3Lial … maybe you could do something like that, but with the heart shape over the scar?

  6. Sharon

     /  August 19, 2011

    I have never given birth. But my stomach is riddled with scars from the multiple surgeries, including one scar very similar to a C-section scar. My belly button is completley deformed from scar tissue from laproscopic surgeries, all done in the pursuit of a family, of a child to call my own. I have always been and will always be proud of those scars, they are a testament to the 7+ years of hell we went through, they are a testament to the 7+ years I laboured to achieve the dream of a child.

    • reluctantmom

       /  August 19, 2011

      Love that!! Not that you are scarred, but that you look at the roadmap as your journey to Ava + 1 !! xx

    • I have a caesar scar but I had 4 surgeries before the twins’ c-section. 2 normal laps and then 2 laparotomies (like caesar cuts). Mine looks quite horrible but actually the flabby belly is more horrible 🙂

  7. I love the last photo. The first three made me shudder a little at the memory. My scar isn’t bad but I hate the dead skin around it and the little bulge all c-sec Moms seem to have. Wish i was in Cape Town it sounds like a wonderful way to learn to accept that part of our lives.

  8. Interesting idea… I quite like it… I like this idea too… http://twitpic.com/52m4c4 coz my stomach looks like a road map of Cape Town… and then there’s the scar… I might be into doing something like this. Just not quite na.k.ed … Keep me updated!


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