Casual Day 2nd September 2011 – Remember!

For the first time ever SADAG (SA Depression and Anxiety Disorder Group) is participating in Casual Day in South Africa which runs on the 2 September nation-wide.

Aren’t you glad you have me reminding you of this stuff?

Companies are encouraged to let their staff wear whatever fancy and weird clothing they want to that day.  The cost is R10 per person. Many companies pay for their whole staff to participate or pay 50% towards it.

The stickers are available from SADAG and allow you to come to work dressed as a cat, in pyjamas, a golfing outfit, whatever is fun for you.

The funds from this day go towards SADAG and other NGO’s for people with disabilities. Give your support or encourage your Boss, your University your Radio Station  to let the whole company participate.

Click Here for more details.

I am a bit concerned/baffled/have a crease in my forehead, that depression and anxiety are batched in with disabilities ….. but we can work through my inability to process this another day……

I really liked this advertisement I saw …these guys to a great job behind the scenes, and of course need funds like any other organisation.

Go buy a sticker!! Plan your wardrobe tomorrow!!