Jozi SlutWalk – if you are in JHB please put it in your diary NOW

The first Jozi SlutWalk – it is 14 days away.

The is your 14 day warning to make a plan to be there WARNING!

It is more than enough time to plan your wardrobe, arrange a babysitter, convince a friend, find out more, stick it on your Facebook update, put it on your blog, chat about it to someone you see today, tomorrow.

Better idea – take your kids.  There is a great piece on “Why I took my son to a slut walk” you can read.

I blogged about this originally on an earlier post – and many people were disappointed they missed the Cape Town one.

Some people were said they missed the Johannesburg one.  Great news – the Johannesburg one is two weeks away – here are the details:-

24 September 2011 | 11:00 – 15:00 | Beginning at Zoo Lake | Accept the invite to the Facebook event to get notified as details are confirmed.

They can’t do it alone. If you’d like to help make Slutwalk happen, send an email to with the word volunteer in the subject line.

Totally copy and pasting here:

We are here to unite behind the simple idea that there is never an excuse for rape. We are here to unite against the naming and shaming of victims.

We are here to unite against the idea that a women can be blamed for rape if she was wearing a miniskirt.

We are asking you to join us for SlutWalk Johannesburg to make a unified statement about sexual assault and victims’ rights and to demand respect for all.

Whether a fellow slut or simply an ally, you don’t have to wear your sexual proclivities on your sleeve, we just ask that you come.

Any gender-identification, any age. Singles, couples, parents, sisters, brothers, children, friends.

Come walk or roll or strut or holler or stomp with us.

This has become a global movement, with satellites happening all over the world. Help make our voices heard in Jozi.

Images and copy :

Raising Men!! and Sharon!! I expect you to be there and be so OUT THERE!!