Speed dating for Bloggers …..

On Thursday, 6 October there is a blog hookup in Cape Town.

It is a bit like speed dating for bloggers.  But with wine.  And prizes.  But without the pressure of having to put on clean underwear and shave.  I have my doubts whether there will be much in the way of the anticipation of se.x later in the evening.

But it is my first blog get together, so I have no idea how these things usually play out.

Kodak, Canderel, Braun and Pringles are supplying awesome giveaways. Cape Town’s leading digital design Academy (Friends of Design) will be giving away part-time courses (I so want one of those)!

What’s not to love?

I am excited to my proximity to wine.

I am excited to see some folks who I have spent many an early morning stalking while I could not sleep.

I am excited that I might win something.

I am a bit nervous to physically meet people in real life.  I am a bit of a social retard, and I feel high anxiety when I encounter new people, or a large group of people.

My mind goes into overdrive and it usually ends with me saying something inappropriate and awkward.  A certain measure of self-flagellation is also standard course of affairs.

I keep asking myself:

“What if they don’t like me? What if I am not as funny and endearing as I appear on-line? What if it is like the popular girls at school and I don’t quite fit in?  What if they run out of wine before I get there?  What if there is karaoke? What if I trip and smash my two front teeth out?”

I am really excited and I am so glad that other bloggers have got their shit together sufficiently to organise something like this, because god knows that right now I can’t organise anything.  So big ups to them.

I am experiencing excitement and anxiety in equal proportions.

I really hope other people go straight from work.  If other bloggers look like they have gone home and had a shower, and spent 3 hours on their hair and make-up then I am definitely going to look like the Ugly Duckling amongst the swans.

I hope they have nice wine.

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  1. countesskaz

     /  October 5, 2011

    wish i could meet all of you. sounds interesting!

  2. Deep breath! You will be fine! They are all just ordinary people.

  3. Scared & Imperfect Mother

     /  October 5, 2011

    Celeste you will be fine! We will all look crap together! So far the count is 4 people going directly from work to the #drinkup, so odds are you have a 1 in 4 chance of not looking like the best/undress person there!

  4. Ditto! Ditto DITTO!! I am also rather nervous as I most certainly do not feel worthy of being in the presence of some of my fave bloggers. Must confess I am more of a stalker than a blogger, but I have been trying to do some updates. Maybe I qualify by number of blogs?? Current blog is just family updates(www.meiringmeanderings.blogspot.com), other blog is for my support group(http://www.kidsgroup.blogspot.com/) and old blog I used to keep fairly up to date but not so much any more(http://kendrameiring.blogspot.com/). Look forward to seeing you there!!

  5. HONEY! Don’t stress. LOVVVVVVVVVVE you
    PS Come early, try be there AT six, as we’re close on reaching capacity. First 80 to arrive get in vibes. PS Do you really think I would order kak wine? Pish.

  6. I will also be going straight from work so no chance of three hours of prep or anything like that.
    Must admit I also woke up in a cold sweat last night after having one of those I came to school in nothing but my underwear’ dreams only I wasn’t at school but at the blogger meet and everyone was laughing their heads of and things sort of got away from me then…and I can’t even drink wine (on account of being severly-is there stages?-knocked up). So we can be akward together.

  7. Colleen

     /  October 5, 2011

    Finally have a chance to log in 🙂 Been reading your updates – since your return. I am SOOOO glad you’re back! You were missed!!!

    It’s easy to tell you not to worry – tomorrow will be great but I completely get how you are feeling! I still get that way with my own friends I have known for years!

    It will be great though, hopefully there will be some ice breakers. At least if the conversation lulls you already have stuff to talk about. Your “stalkees” best blog entries, their families, things you love about them etc 🙂

  1. Kodak Cape Town Blogger Meet Up – 6 October 2011 « Scaredmom's Blog

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