Home of Hope …..

My friend Alice decided to clean house recently.  She pulled out old crockery and furniture and bits and bobs and wanted to find a place or someone to give it to.

Alice is a very clever girl and instead of letting it clutter her garage she sent a note around asking for suggestions of “worthy causes” that she could pass it on to.

My other friend Kristin had spoken highly of HOME OF HOPE in Table View.  I had never heard of it before then.

Basically it is a home that assists women and children who need assistance.  It might be abandoned children, women and children who have fled an abusive situations or children who are orphans of HIV/AIDS.

It is a Home for those who really need some Hope.

Alice and David went along with a trailer full of stuff and donated it.

They received such a nice thank you letter following this donation – which I thought was great.

I really want to do a clean out of our house, and start unpacking and getting rid of all that stuff I have sitting in my garage/cupboards and the wendy house, the stuff that irritates me because it is always in the damn way and it needs to travel!!

If you have stuff maybe find a charity near you – it is amazing how much of a difference our “junk” can make to others.  If you are in Cape Town, try Home of Hope.

It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy to give …. and you get a clean house so you can go and buy more crap.

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  1. Oh wow! So glad to hear it. Makes my heart smile. Well done Alice and David.


  2. Alice

     /  October 12, 2011

    And it really did make me feel warm & fuzzy inside!!! Well put and thank YOU reluctantmom for the brilliant recommendation. I now have them on speed dia!!

  3. Bevan

     /  October 12, 2011

    The Home of Hope was “Heaven’s Nest” when it was located in Ottery. In my previous job, my employer supported this home and it was a truly eye opening experience. Eleanor and her team are brilliant & compassionate, puts your own life and your problems into perspective after a visit to this this organization.


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