Angry Birds …. that is when you know that you are no longer in touch with what is in …

I have realised I am somewhat technologically challenged.

There were several signs.

I have a kindle, but prefer to read a paper-and-ink book.  My kindle lies in a draw and collects dust as Kennith grumbles at his wasted purchase.  The kindle is right to the watch that can measure how fast I am running, and also my position in relation to the moon, and how long I have been pounding the pavement for.  Yes, that one is gathering a good supply of dust to say the least.

I think I am the only person on the planet who still buys AUDIO CD’s – no really I do.

Adult stories on a CD.  Jane Austen, DH Lawrence, that sort of thing.

Earlier this week Kennith showed me Angry Birds – which I believe is the most popular application download on the planet.  There are more than 12 million copies of the game out there.

Basically “you” throw birds and pigs – and attempt to break the pig sty.  A normal night in Boksburg you might say.

It is really the “thing” – I stared at it, and I just could not understand what the appeal was.  I started realising I was becoming THAT person.

The person who mutters “I don’t understand these young folks any more” and generally manages to push the wrong button on the tv remote control, resulting in a total black screen ……and has to abandon tv watching for the day until their 9-year-old comes home to reset it.

Which is pretty much how I am right now.

The new car we bought does not have a CD slot, it has a stupid plug-in for an iPod or something similar.

Fat help that is for me.  I have sat with my CD and tried to shove into it into the cup holder slot or the air-conditioner hole.

At work I sometimes listen to 567 via audio streaming.  I thought I was pretty damn cutting edge.  Bleeding edge in fact.  There I was so tapping into sound …. holler holler!!

This morning someone told me about – I was er, Gawd not another thing I have to download and then scrounge coins together to buy music, and misunderstand.

I decided to be “hip” and I went over to grooveshark and signed up – took less than 30 seconds to get going.    And half of that time was because I did not push the “button” to sign in …. so I just sat there and stared at it after I captured my information and wondered why it was not doing anything.

You can create a playlist, or if that is too high-tech for you, you can hit the little “search” tool and look for a song/artist/album and when the results pop up push “play all!”

Or if you are like me and have “no idea” you can pop along and listen to “popular songs” – how easy is that?

It costs you NADA … NOTHING …FK ALL.

If I can operate this sight, a blind beaver could – and he doesn’t have thumbs, or know how the space key works.

I have listened to Vanilla Ice (someone has to), Eminem (I do love that boy, though he really is white trash with some questionable fashion sense), MC Hammer (for old times sake), Prime Circle (because they make my toes curl), Simple Minds (because they are ageless) and now I am listening to Paul Simon’s Graceland.

Very cool link – you can create your own playlists and search for pretty much anything.  I spent several warm and happy hours listening to Johnny Cash.  The man is slightly less than happy, but he can write and sing like no one’s business.

I am sure it has other features but that is what I am using right now, and I am so very excited!

Sure it is not as cool as throwing angry birds at pigs, but there you go.