Murmuration …..

No this has nothing to do with kids at all, it actually has to do with a migration of Swallows – did you know it is called a Murmuration.  Nope, me neither.

New word, see if you can work that in to conversation.

This video actually made me catch my breath

I felt that sense of overwhelming community, that you feel when you realise we as humans, and your individual life is so small in comparison to the phenomenal power that is out there.

Also made me think of Alfred Hitchcock’s Birds …

Dude, and I would not normally say that sort of crap, you must know this is a great video to watch – makes you really want to start humming something about “this land is your land, this land is my land ….. ” and so on.

Here are a few snapshots, but go along and look at it – I guarantee you will watch it more than once and then think about it for the remainder of the day.