Awkward moment …

Charne Timm sent this to me, and it made me do all sorts of snorting.

Took me a moment, and then I saw it …. a shame on so many levels.

Most Creative Breast Cancer Awareness Ads

It’s nearly the end of November, and October which was Breast Cancer Awareness Month is almost forgotten.

The mad rush for Christmas and all things school holidays starts soon, if it has not started already.  If that is not overwhelming you, then the chaos of buying school uniforms/stationery will have you a bit distracted from reality.

If you can spare a few minutes in the shower, how about treat yourself to a breast examination – but ideally book a mammogram before the year is up.

I saw some really creative breast cancer awareness advertisements which were brilliant.

<what are you waiting for?  book a damn mammogram….>

And the one that will sit with you a while …