My Tram Experience ….Emma West

There is a youtube video doing the rounds.  It is one of those ones that has gone viral, and has sparked several debates.

Possibly you have seen it, maybe you have not.

In short, it is a woman early thirties years old, sitting on a tram travelling to Croydon – Emma West, who is also affectionately being called the Racist Tram Lady!

Based on some of the other recent incidents which have occurred in Croydon, I am starting to have my doubts as to whether it is a great place to live.  But that is another issue that should be covered under real estate and where not to stay.

Emma West appears vaguely drunk, or maybe her IQ is in single figures.  She might be “high” on the joys of life, or off her daily medication. I have no idea.  What I do know is that she is a total tosser, of astronomical proportions.

The key issue of the video is she is having an absolutely racist attack rant on the tram.  If you are not white British, then she has an issue with you.

In all her screaming what she was trying to say was that people sharing her carriage are not British, because they are black/muslim or asian people – oh and Polish people are thrown in there too for good measure.  Not quite sure how the Poles got in there, but anyway.  She was struggling to use words that required two clap-hands-sounds, so she really could not name more people from more countries.

Which might be a lot like saying you can only be African if you are black!  It is really the same argument.

Some sound bites in the event that you can’t be arsed to watch/listen to the video on YouTube.

“What’s this country come to?  A load of Black People.  A load of Polish People …. none of you are English …. get back to your own fucking country ….. my britain is fuck all now …. Britain is fuck all ……”

“GO back to where you come from….”

“GO back to sicka-Narangua (I think that is the country she is referring to – I have not been there before, but she seems to be quite certain that is where the people in the tram are from) ……”

“I work, this is my British country, until you lot came over…”

“Are you British?  Are you British…. no you are not, fuck off, you are black, fuck off!!!”

And that is pretty much how it goes.

Initially people stand there in shocked silence.  Then someone politely attempts to initiate a debate.  But angry racist white women is not really the person who gives herself over to intellectual debate. It does degenerate (if it could any further) into a lot of screaming, more swearing and just a total sh*t fit.

The woman sitting behind Emma is clearly disturbed and you can see someone comforting her.

What is the more shocking is that Emma has decided that her toddler will not be bothered at all if she carries on like a total frkn lunatic. <Can you imagine how this poor kids is always going to be referred to as the “Racist Tram Lady’s son” …. poor mite>

She is screaming and swearing and acting like someone who has (first) cousins as parents.  Bless the little boy, he just sits there wide-eyed clutching his action figurine, and wondering if he will get beat up when he attends school next time.

It is all pretty brutal.  The added negative is that angry racist white woman has the unfortunately responsibility of passing her genetic makeup, her ignorance and her rather narrow view of the world onto the next generation.

I look at this woman, and of course I shake my head.  More because I really feel sorry that her life is this narrow and if she “hates people of different race backgrounds” then her life is only going to be harder and filled with more hate.

I grew up in Mr Botha’s apartheid system.  My family was not particularly informed.  Though we were not burning crosses on the front lawn, we never had discussions about apartheid and how it made “anyone who is not white” have a really difficult and dismal life.  We just sort of traips along in our white neighbourhoods and did not really discuss why black people did not live near us.

There were no “people of colour” in my school – both primary and high.  I had no friends who were not white.  My entire neighbourhood was white.

I only started to encounter “non white people” on a friendship level after I left school.

I am not likely to sit on public transport and scream at people because they might be a different creed, or religion to me.  I have a simple theory.  I have no issue with people who are a different culture or religion to me.  As long as their culture or religious beliefs do not encroach on me, and in the same way I try not to let “my way of living” encroach on them.

I have never understood people who go to war to kill people because they are another colour, religion or ethnic group.

I get that you might not want to go around and hug everyone and sing Kum bay ya, my Lord, kum bay ya.  I do think that when you start to decide that people of a different colour, religion or ethnic group to you are “less” than you and need to die or “just go back to their country” well that raises an entire bag of problems, more about your upbringing and your education, and gene pool to a large degree.

I do think that what is wrong with Britain today, is people like Emma West.

And maybe we can get all those people together – and put them on a tram to Croydon!

View youtube video here :

Sidebar note:

Emma West, 34, of New Addington, London, appeared before magistrates today   charged with racially aggravated harassment.

She was arrested and remanded in custody on Monday night, after complaints   were made to police in relation to footage uploaded to Youtube.

A British Transport Police spokesman said: “I can confirm that Emma West of New Addington was charged with Racially Aggravated Section 4a on Monday,  28 November 2011.

“She was remanded in custody overnight. This is in relation to an   incident onboard a Croydon Tramlink.”

West was arrested yesterday after the footage was posted on YouTube

There is a group that has started to write to the Home Secretary, to show Emma May a bit of tolerance and understanding ….. clearly as she is able to show others this so well …..