Can’t feed them?

If I had the energy I would be more eloquent on this one … I am not feeling very articulate, so excuse me and my ramble.

I saw a bumper sticker on Saturday afternoon driving on the N1 towards Cape Town.

Initally I sat there and thought, what is that about?

But then I sat there a bit, and relooked at the sticker and thought about it a bit more.  I am funny like that … a bit.  I see something, and then my mind “glues itself” to it and struggles to get unstuck.  I am not exactly sure what it is that the bumper sticker was referring to.

I thought … could it be if you can’t feed a dog, do not let the dog have puppies, because the you can’t feed them?  That makes sense … mmmmm

Or could it be a judgement on people who have more kids than they can afford, or have a child they actually cannot afford to feed ….

I think there is something that says we are not really allowed to think that or say that.  What we need to do is spring in to action and assist, or donate, or put money in a tin.

I recall a show on CapeTalk where they referred to a charity that was assisting a settlement and the guy who was working hard to get money together for the settlement commented on the fact that there were kids there who in 35 degree heat, were without shoes and in some cases without clothing, as the parents could not afford to buy clothing … and they also could not afford to feed the children.

It was horrific, and all I could think of was a child (which is always the same age as mine) without a full tummy, no shoes to protect their feet as the sun burns them … and without hope of tomorrow being much better.

I glanced back at the bumper sticker and thought, surely you cannot <insert should not> have children if you cannot afford them.  I am not suggesting that everyone does not have the right to have a child or several.  Or that sometimes life throws you an unexpected loop, which you could not have seen coming, and may place you in a desperate situation financially ….

I am suggesting that with your right there must come responsibility.  You have the right to, but are you equipped to handle the responsibility?

I have no idea how someone plans to have children if you cannot afford to buy a jar of Nussfit Chocolate Spread.  But there does seem to be a shift to where we stop thinking this and instead start trying to find a way “to help these children…” and of course we must.

Then I cast my eye back on to the bumper sticker and …. well it sat there with me.