Kommin Krismis!

Every year we get together with our friends and have a Christmas Lunch before every zoots off to family in which ever corner of Cape Town/South Africa they go to.  Christmas days usually are family involved, so we seldom get to see our friends on the 25th.

This year we are holding Kommin Krismis at our home. It is a bit like traditional christmas, it just involves paper plates, potatoe salad and leopard print leggings, and other bad fashion decisions.

I have a particular bad pair of leopard print leggings (I purchased today specially…..) which goes with a parow-style racer back long black vest with sequence sewn in to it (also purchased specially today, I was a bit embarrassed when I had to go and pay but no one else seemed to raise an eyebrow).

For Isabelle I found a tight fitting sequence shirt, her stomach will peak out the bottom (not unlike the effect with my shirt), and I will be styling that with a pair of denim inspired jogger shorts.

Connor has a red vest and a pair of very small and tight white boxer shorts. Kennith and Connor will be wearing matching outfits.

Georgia has opted to go and sleep over at her cousin instead of exposing herself to the humilation that is Kommin Krismis.

Boney M will be rocking it from the turn table.  I am hoping we can get a bit of Die Antwoord at some point.

Our table settings involve white paper plates, white paper serviettes and a set of brown pegs – which will double as place name holders.

Kennith has bought me a 2 litre box of wine for the occassion.

Tonight is a “tjop and dop” to keep it in theme, so there will be no slaving over an eye level oven for me.  I do need to dash to make a potatoe salad.

Yes, we are truly going to be feeling our CY and Parow roots today.  So Merry Kommin Krismis everyone …. I need to find my hair spray to get my hair to work and then some blue eyeshadow to complete this outfit.  (I don’t have blue eyeshadow but I am sure I can make some with food dye and cornflour!)

I can’t promise photographs will follow, but let’s see how bad it really goes.

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  1. Oh you have to post pics. Have a great Christmas holiday too.


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